Fighting for your Wife:

Today my wife shared an article with me that she found on Facebook that she really wanted me to see…   As usual it took a while for her to get me pass my Hmmmm’s and Uhmmmmm’s to get me to pay attention to what she wanted to show me.   I complained about the Web site being to slow and probably messing up our computer and then she got discouraged and walked off.   (OK – I did it again – I did not pay attention).
Well after getting the article into a format that I could read and concentrate on, she was right (don’t tell her that) – this is a great article on the battle for our Wife’s. The author wrote down a list of vows that he was going to work on. Below is his article…   I have underlined a few of them that I liked… but I really need to work on some of the others….     Enjoy the article…   Bobbyg
Fighting For My Wife: By Timothy Willard  –  You will need to read the whole article to understand why he wrote these vows  – so please look it up (
So, I vow …

  • To love big, and stay small. Doing what I need to do to keep the humility of Christ ever in my heart.
  • To get off my devices and be present for my wife and children.
  • To let her see me turn away from images I know my heart can’t handle.
  • To guard my heart, for it is the wellspring of life.
  • To get into the wilderness regularly. Not just with dudes, but with God. (This is a must for men – Bobbyg)
  • To seek quiet, stillness, and solitude. To let it breathe through me and into my household.
  • To show my ladies the value in a good fire, a yummy s’more, and a terrifying ghost story.
  • To not give in to the rat-race of busy-ness, and be home—not just sitting around, but doing, building, playing, laughing, failing, singing, cooking, loving.
  • To work harder at being a husband and dad than I do at my job.
  • To let the blows of God mold me. For when I am in his hands, I am my best self.
  • To make play with my girls and wife more important than watching football.
  • To never let my mind get weak by the amusement and entertainment the world flings at me on an hourly basis.
  • To be active in my church.
  • To spiritually pastor and lead my household by initiating times of prayer, Bible reading, and worship.
  • To let praise, to God and to my ladies, be ever on my lips.
  • To try new things so that I will never stagnate.
  • To give my wife every opportunity to shine: in her home, in front of her daughters, in front of her friends, in front of her parents.
  • To buy her that expensive chair, and then sit with her in quiet, reading praying, and dreaming.
  • To defer whatever power I might think I have to God, and to my wife.
  • To not fuss over things that don’t matter. Like where we eat after church, or what should hang on the wall, or what movie to watch.
  • To live as a shield for my wife and pixies—to take on pain, so they won’t have to.
  • To let my wife know I live, laugh, and sleep with the real Wonder Woman. J
  • To empower my wife’s gifts with my own.
  • To let her see me cry. (Really tough one for me – Bobbyg)


  • To kiss her just because.
  • To kiss her again, just because.
  • And again.
  • To be honest, to seek truth, but always with a spirit of love and encouragement.
  • To have the French Press hot when she walks down the stairs.
  • To let her know how much I learn from her.
  • To rub her arm in church.
  • To confess to her during communion.
  • To speak to her with a heavenly tone, and with words that make the angels cry with jealousy.
  • To be a warrior-poet for my girls—by setting standards, not just rules, by warding off culture’s constant voice with the sword of my imagination, and by winning the fight for their hearts with a holiness I seek like silver.
  • To YAWP for my wife; in triumph, in pain, in ecstasy, so we never forget the ferocity of life, and the God who makes it so.
  • To die. To my self. To my passions. To my lust. Over and over. As many times as it takes.

A call to Pray!!

My wife and I watched a movie on Pure Flix last night called Gabriel about a young boy walking into a town that had lost hope.   The young boy was the Angel Gabriel and he was coming to help them get hope back to their town dressed as a young boy with a prayer mat. His biggest solution to bringing back hope was to have a group of ladies make Prayer mats for everyone in town.   It was the life saver for the town that was lost when they got back on their knees and then hope came back.
This reminded me of a comment that my pastor Shaun made last week about when he calls for a Prayer Meeting – very few people will show up. He has to name it something else to get people to come together to Pray.
Our GMM Team led by Lester L. have selected a day to Pray for the City of Cheyenne on the 12th of every month.   Today only 3 guys showed up to pray for our city – this is sad. One of the most important and powerful actions we can do is pray……..   If we are called to only pray as a group one day a month and avoid it because of inconvenience (this is my explanation to why men do not come) – then what is going to happen to our city if we are not talking to GOD?
** If you would like to join us on the 12th of each month please let me know – it is a very powerful and moving time.
I would like to share a song from Reba McEntire that explains “A call to Pray!! –  we have to get down on our Knees…   The name of the song is “Back To God”.

[button link=”″ type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] A Call to Pray[/button]

Here is a portion of lyrics and they are powerful – I cannot say much more than what Reba has said in this song.

Oh have you looked around

Have you heard the sound

Of Mama’s cryin’

Or do you turn away

When you see the face

Of the innocent dyin’

In these darkest days

Are you not afraid

That it’s too late


You gotta get down on your knees, believe

Fold your hands and beg and plead

Gotta keep on praying

You gotta cry, rain tears of pain

Pound the floor and scream His name

‘Cause we’re still worth saving

Can’t go on like this and live like this

We can’t love like this

We gotta give this world back to God


Have you lost a love?

Do you feel like givin’ up?

Has your heart been broken?

Are your kids okay?

Will they come home safe?

Do you lie there hoping?

You can make a wish, you can knock on wood

Oh it won’t do no good


You gotta get down on your knees, believe

Fold your…


What does this mean?

Pastor Shaun has been teaching from the book of Acts at the present time and last week’s sermon was about the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost.   The men were filled with the Holy Spirit and were able to speak in every nation’s language and this caused some confusion…   In verse 12 its states:
Acts 2:12 > Amazed and perplexed, they asked one another, “What does this mean?”
In my study Bible it explains the situation like this:

“When the gathered crowd recognized that something supernatural was taking place, they naturally wanted an explanation. At this point, Peter stepped forward and explained the truth about God. This should be the pattern in our lives as well. Hopefully we are living in such a way that people will see Christ in us. If we do shine and sparkle and if we are “salty”, we will get the attention of others. They will surely want to know what is so attractive and different about us. Then we can explain our “hope”.        What is different about your Life? What supernatural evidence would cause someone to stop you and say? “What does this mean?””

   I really liked this explanation of what was happening and it made me question myself to see if people would have the same reaction to my life. Would they see Jesus working through me in such a way that they would question what is different about me?
I have shared this in one of my blogs a long time ago about one of my encounters while I was working for the Post Office, but I would like to share it once more.   I was working at the Post Office in Green River and the employee I was working with mentioned someone who shared their faith allot. He did not like it and then asked me if I was one of those “Jesus Freaks”? This hit me really hard because he did not know.   If I had been living my life the way I should have, this question should have never been asked.”   My life should have reflected Jesus in such a way that I could have shared my hope that I have in Him.                             Never again will I be asked that question.
I am still in the molding process to become the person that shines around others so that they will see Jesus working in me.   As I go forward I am becoming bolder in my faith so that someday the question that will be asked of me is:    “What does that mean?”

So what does your walk with Jesus look like to others that you come in contact with?

Will they ask the question: “What does that mean?”



In the last several months I have heard of different Pastors and Lay people describing what their vision is.

  1. Pastor Jason’s vision about a Christian Community.
  2. Pastor Tracy in helping the poor.
  3. Pastor Jeff taking some time off to enhance his vision.
  4. Jim S. in mentoring young men.
  5. Bob W. in connecting with our elected officials.
  6. Me in leaving a smile on everyone I encounter.

My vision is something that I have been working on for a while and it is one that when I encounter someone I would like to leave them with a smile. If I am at a business that uses name tags I make an effort to identify that person my name – this is something really simple but it can make a big impact on people when you make a connection with them.
I looked up the Definition of Vision and here are a couple of the meanings:

  • The act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight.
  • The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be: Prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.
  • An experience in which a personage, thing, or event appears vividly or credibly to the mind, although not actually present, often under the influence of a divine or other agency:

Vision is an important part of our future and what we do – I found this explanation that is very helpful in coming up with a vision in a 3 step process.
“Vision is knowing who you are, where you’re going and what will guide your journey.” By Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner

  • Who you are – is your purpose
  • Where you’re going – is your picture of the future
  • What will guide your journey – are your values


So what is your Vision?

Are you looking at the future to see what impact you can have with it?



The Power of the Holy Spirit!

I was at a Men’s Retreat this last weekend (I like to call them a Men’s Advances – but that is just a preference) – but back to the Retreat. The speaker’s main topic was about the Holy Spirit and how we receive it snd but then how it works within our personal lives. This reminded me of one the GMM Conferences “Driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit” so I was excited to hear what the speaker had to share.
The part that I really enjoyed was how the Spirit works within us after we have received him into our Hearts. One of the major attributes of the Spirit is to tell us what Truth is.   A question was asked if feeling guilty was the same thing and the answer was Yes.   The Spirit works within us to help us identify what is right or wrong.
I had to learn the hard way about allowing the Spirit to work with in me.  I had quenched the Spirit’s power by some garbage that I had allowed to build up within me and it had been there for about 20 years.   I had to let it go. I would like to share more about this, but it would take too long – so please send me an email and I will gladly set down over coffee to visit.   I have to tell you that when my heart had been cleared it got scary – it was like this loud voice inside of me started directing and molding me. There were times that I actually looked around to see if someone else was with me….
That is when the theme of our GMM Conference “Driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit” became active for me. Just to give you a couple of examples on what happened to me are:

  1. I was driving home from a business trip up north in Wyoming and the closer I got to Cheyenne a voice was telling me that I needed to talk to a specific person on an issue. This issue did not even involve me – so my answer was No – Not my problem. The voice became louder so I finally said if I go there and he is at his desk I will do it.   When I got there the person was not at his desk – he was at the front door with open arms (We Talked).
  2. Then several times during my travels throughout Wyoming I would pass by cars at the side of the road and keep going – not my problem.   Now when I would pass the promptings would speak so loud that I would have to turn around and go back. Every time that I did this the people I encountered had been waiting a very long time for someone to stop.   I learned fast that when prompted to stop  I just needed to do it – it takes time to drive back 10 miles to be obedient.  I do have times when I go by and know it is OK…  **On one special occasion the people stated  “you must be a Christian – we have been praying for someone to stop” – They had been waiting a long time and no one was stopping. WOW

The Holy Spirit has an important role in our lives and we need to clear the junk in our hearts so that He can speak to us.   It is a powerful tool that we need to have working in us…

Have you cleared your Heart for the Promptings of the Holy Spirit?

Are you being Driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit?

Can you hear His voice when He Speaks?

***Pray to be empowered by the Holy Spirit Daily or even several times a Day – it will be amazing what happens.

My Greatest Relationship!

I woke up yesterday just feeling this calmness that can only come from a Great Relationship with Christ.   It was a morning of listening to some Worship songs that really got me going in the morning.   The song that really inspired me was one by Crowder…. Listen and enjoy as I did (Lyrics at the bottom of the page).
Forgiven (Crowder):   [button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Forgiven[/button]
The song talks about all the failures that I do to mess up a great relationship but that Christ still forgives me in the end.   I cannot think of a greater Relationship and this is where my freedom comes from.   This is the way I should start every morning – on my knees..
Then the morning took me to one of my most favorite artists: “Carman” – I have set up my last celebration with a few of his songs.   I just need to talk my wife into it since I am not going to be here. LOL     But this should be my response after having a great start of a morning…   enjoy this one also:  This is a song that reminds me of my Dad (who is in Heaven now) and we played it at his last celebration.
I will serve the Lord: (Carmen)  [button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] I will serve the Lord[/button]

So how has your morning started?

Did you start your relationship with Christ in a great way?

What gets you going first thing in the morning?   Prayer? Worship Songs?

Remember there is freedom in a Great Relationship!


I’m the one who held the nail

It was cold between my fingertips

I’ve hidden in the garden

I’ve denied You with my very lips

God, I fall down to my knees

with a hammer in my hand

You look at me, arms open

Forgiven! Forgiven!

Child there is freedom from all of it

Say goodbye to every sin

You are forgiven!

I’ve done things I wish I hadn’t done

I’ve seen things I wish I hadn’t seen

Just the thought of Your amazing grace

And I cry ”Jesus, forgive me!”

God, I fall down to my knees

with a hammer in my hand

You look at me, arms open

Forgiven! Forgiven!

Child there is freedom from all of it

Say goodbye to every sin

You are forgiven!

I could’ve been six feet under

I could’ve been lost forever

Yeah I should be in that fire

But now there’s fire inside of me

Here I am a dead man walking

No grave gonna hold God’s people

All the weight of all our evil

Lifted away forever free

Who could believe, who could believe?

Forgiven! Forgiven!

You love me even when I don’t deserve it

Forgiven! I’m Forgiven!

Jesus Your blood makes me innocent

So I will say goodbye to every sin

I am forgiven!

Forgiven! Forgiven!

Child there is freedom from all of it

Say goodbye to every sin

You are forgiven!


The Power of Prayer:

Several of my conversations recently have included the reference to Prayer: Please pray for this issue in my life – Pray for our Leaders – Pray for my family – Pray for our City.   This is a powerful tool that Christians have and it must be part of my daily routine.
I googled “The Power of Prayer” and it came up with this meaning:
Question: “What is the power of prayer?”
Answer: The idea that power is inherent in prayer is a very popular one. According to the Bible, the power of prayer is, quite simply, the power of God, who hears and answers prayer.
Then it came up with several verses about Prayer – here are a few of them:

  • Mark 9:29 and he said to them, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.”
  • Acts 9:40 But Peter put them all outside, and knelt down and prayed; and turning to the body he said, “Tabitha, arise.” And she opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter she sat up.
  • James 5:14-16 is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

There were several other verses, but I will let you look them up.   But throughout the Bible it will reference that Prayer is a powerful tool that is there for us to take ahold of.
I know that I struggle in disciplining myself in having a regular prayer time or as the Bible says that I must be doing it continually.   I have to discipline myself to come up with a prayer life that Christ would like me to have and it is an act of Obedience that I must achieve.  I have several different ways that I have created to help me in my prayer life. I have 2 war rooms (you will have to watch the movie “War Room”) and I go on Prayer walks (My favorite).   There are also a couple of groups that I meet with just for the purpose of praying and this helps allot. I am still working on getting to a consistent Prayer Life in my daily routine and the more I do it – the better it gets.   Tapping into “The Power of Prayer” has been extremely helpful for me and sometimes this is my only tool in meeting the issues of the day.  I have to understand that  “God is in control and I must let Him do His work in His timing”.  During my Prayer walks I am in Worship for Him being there with me – it is GREAT.
So what are you doing to Connect with “The Power of Prayer”.

Have you set aside a specific time to Pray?

Do you have a War Room for Prayer?

Who do you Pray with?


A Crash of Rhinos!

For those of you who know me – this is one of my favorite topics and this is for the GMM guys who know me really well. One of the books that had a big impact on my spiritual walk was “The Barbarian Way” by Erwin McManus. I was at one of those seasons of life that I thought I would retire from Christian ministries – I has done my part and it was time for the young ones to carry on. This book changed my direction and I find out that retirement from my Christian ministries was not an option.

But my favorite of all is the group designation for Rhinos. You see, rhinos can run thirty miles an hour, which is pretty fast when you consider how much weight they’re pulling. They’re actually faster than squirrels, which can run up to twenty-six miles an hour. And even then who’s going to live in dread of a charging squirrel! (Sorry—that was a bit off the point.) Running at thirty miles an hour is faster than a used Pinto will go. Just one problem with this phenomenon. Rhinos can see only thirty feet in front of them. Can you imagine something that large moving in concert as a group, plowing ahead at thirty miles an hour with no idea what’s at thirty-one feet? You would think that they would be far too timid to pick up full steam, that their inability to see far enough ahead would paralyze them to immobility. But with that horn pointing the way, rhinos run forward full steam ahead without apprehension, which leads us to their name.

Rhinos moving together at full speed are known as a crash. Even when they’re just hanging around enjoying the watershed, they’re called a crash because of their potential. You’ve got to love that. I think that’s what we’re supposed to be. That’s what happens when we become barbarians and shake free of domestication and civility. The church becomes a crash. We become an unstoppable force. We don’t have to pretend we know the future. Who cares that we can see only thirty feet ahead? Whatever’s at thirty-one feet needs to care that we’re coming and better get out of the way.

We need to move together as God’s people, a barbarian tribe, and become the human version of the rhino crash. The future is uncertain, but we need to move toward it with confidence. There’s a future to be created, a humanity to be liberated. We need to stop wasting our time and stop being afraid of what we cannot see and do not know.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

I attended a couple of Christian meetings this week and whether it be with a group of pastors or a group lay people the Rhino message keeps coming to the forefront for me.   I am excited to see Christians engaging in what is around them and making a difference in what they see.
One of the pastors this morning said that he will be praying about Unity for our Nation tomorrow at the “Day of Prayer” event but his concern was how to pray for a nation that is so divided. Prayer is our major tool for engaging with the enemy that is out there at about 31 feet and they must beware of what is coming when Christians are united.  This is going to be a powerful event to see a united front in Prayer.  I do have to tell you that this pastor qualifies as a Rhino, he will be bringing a message of Unity – Hope – Engaging – and Confidence.   AMEN

So are you part of “A Crash of Rhinos”?

Are you going full steam ahead with no worries?

Are you moving toward the future with confidence?

We are an unstoppable force when we Unite!

PS: I would still like to have a GMM Conference with the theme of “A Crash of Rhinos”. So if you think that would make a great theme also – please email the GMM Board at:   Thank You….

There is a Spiritual Battle around me – What do I do?

Several years ago I wrote a 3 part series on The Spiritual Battle and I believe that it is real and active today. The enemy will attack me in many ways: Me Personally – My Family – My City – My country.
Pastor Shaun’s sermon this week was about two of the believers that were walking down the road after Jesus had been crucified and there was an empty tomb. I have to believe that they were feeling The Spiritual Battle all around them and where asking themselves “What do I do?” My study Bible has a great explanation about these two disciples as they were walking and then Jesus joined them.

“The two disciples returning to Emmaus at first missed the significance of history’s greatest event because they were too focused on their disappointments and problems. In fact, they didn’t recognize Jesus when he was walking beside them. To compound the problem, they were walking in the wrong direction – away from the fellowship of believers in Jerusalem. We are likely to miss Jesus and withdraw from the strength found in other believers when we become preoccupied with our dashed hopes and frustrated plans. Only when we are looking for Jesus in our midst will we experience the power and help he can bring.

           I would have to say that I am like these two disciples at times when I feel The Spiritual Battle is all around me and like them I become confused. “What do I do?” When I am in the Midst of The Battle there are several things that I can do.

  1. Recognize that Jesus is walking beside me at all times and that he will give me the power to overcome the enemy.
  2. After I have done this – I need to start walking in the right direction :).
  3. Prayer is a must.
  4. This is one of my special prayer items.   I like to pray for the Angels to come down and protect me and my family. One of Frank Peretti’s books talks about the Angels are just waiting for me to call upon them – so I do.
  5. Then I must go into Battle with other Christians beside me. I like the visual from the book “The Barbarian Way” by Erwin McManus when he describes a group of Christians going forward like a Crash of Rhinos. The enemy that is out in front us must beware what is coming.

I believe that The Spiritual Battle is going on strong today….   So my questions to you is:

What do you do in the midst of your Spiritual Battle?

Do you recognize Jesus is there to HELP?

Remember the Battle is REAL!


Always Remember (post from Tom C.)

Sometimes I think we forget who we really are, how we were designed, what’s been purchased for us. So here’s a quick reminder on a small portion of your amazingness!
All things work together for your good.
You were created in the image of your Creator.
You were knit together in your mother’s womb.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Every hair on your head is known.
You are of a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, you are His special possession.
If He is for you, who can be against?
You are more than a conqueror.
You are free from all curses.
You are blessed coming in and going out.
No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
The enemy must flee from you.
Everything you put your hand to shall prosper.
You are sealed by the Spirit. Its deposit in your heart is your guarantee.
You have a spirit of boldness and courage.
If you ask, you shall receive.
You are heir to the greatest estate ever.
You are holy, perfect, justified, and redeemed.
You are equipped to do every good work.
You have authority over the enemy.
You have good treasure in your heart.
You produce good fruit.
You have life and life to the fullest.
Hey, you’re even worth more than a fallen sparrow.
Your leaves are always green.
You are hidden in His hand.
You are free.
Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.
As He is; so are you in this world.
You lack nothing.
You have a constant intercessor.
You rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
You are more than you can think or imagine – a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over!
You, my friend, are eternally and unconditionally loved!
Tom Cassidy