What does this mean?

Pastor Shaun has been teaching from the book of Acts at the present time and last week’s sermon was about the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost.   The men were filled with the Holy Spirit and were able to speak in every nation’s language and this caused some confusion…   In verse 12 its states:
Acts 2:12 > Amazed and perplexed, they asked one another, “What does this mean?”
In my study Bible it explains the situation like this:

“When the gathered crowd recognized that something supernatural was taking place, they naturally wanted an explanation. At this point, Peter stepped forward and explained the truth about God. This should be the pattern in our lives as well. Hopefully we are living in such a way that people will see Christ in us. If we do shine and sparkle and if we are “salty”, we will get the attention of others. They will surely want to know what is so attractive and different about us. Then we can explain our “hope”.        What is different about your Life? What supernatural evidence would cause someone to stop you and say? “What does this mean?””

   I really liked this explanation of what was happening and it made me question myself to see if people would have the same reaction to my life. Would they see Jesus working through me in such a way that they would question what is different about me?
I have shared this in one of my blogs a long time ago about one of my encounters while I was working for the Post Office, but I would like to share it once more.   I was working at the Post Office in Green River and the employee I was working with mentioned someone who shared their faith allot. He did not like it and then asked me if I was one of those “Jesus Freaks”? This hit me really hard because he did not know.   If I had been living my life the way I should have, this question should have never been asked.”   My life should have reflected Jesus in such a way that I could have shared my hope that I have in Him.                             Never again will I be asked that question.
I am still in the molding process to become the person that shines around others so that they will see Jesus working in me.   As I go forward I am becoming bolder in my faith so that someday the question that will be asked of me is:    “What does that mean?”

So what does your walk with Jesus look like to others that you come in contact with?

Will they ask the question: “What does that mean?”