In the last several months I have heard of different Pastors and Lay people describing what their vision is.

  1. Pastor Jason’s vision about a Christian Community.
  2. Pastor Tracy in helping the poor.
  3. Pastor Jeff taking some time off to enhance his vision.
  4. Jim S. in mentoring young men.
  5. Bob W. in connecting with our elected officials.
  6. Me in leaving a smile on everyone I encounter.

My vision is something that I have been working on for a while and it is one that when I encounter someone I would like to leave them with a smile. If I am at a business that uses name tags I make an effort to identify that person my name – this is something really simple but it can make a big impact on people when you make a connection with them.
I looked up the Definition of Vision and here are a couple of the meanings:

  • The act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight.
  • The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be: Prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.
  • An experience in which a personage, thing, or event appears vividly or credibly to the mind, although not actually present, often under the influence of a divine or other agency:

Vision is an important part of our future and what we do – I found this explanation that is very helpful in coming up with a vision in a 3 step process.
“Vision is knowing who you are, where you’re going and what will guide your journey.” By Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner

  • Who you are – is your purpose
  • Where you’re going – is your picture of the future
  • What will guide your journey – are your values


So what is your Vision?

Are you looking at the future to see what impact you can have with it?