The Power of the Holy Spirit!

I was at a Men’s Retreat this last weekend (I like to call them a Men’s Advances – but that is just a preference) – but back to the Retreat. The speaker’s main topic was about the Holy Spirit and how we receive it snd but then how it works within our personal lives. This reminded me of one the GMM Conferences “Driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit” so I was excited to hear what the speaker had to share.
The part that I really enjoyed was how the Spirit works within us after we have received him into our Hearts. One of the major attributes of the Spirit is to tell us what Truth is.   A question was asked if feeling guilty was the same thing and the answer was Yes.   The Spirit works within us to help us identify what is right or wrong.
I had to learn the hard way about allowing the Spirit to work with in me.  I had quenched the Spirit’s power by some garbage that I had allowed to build up within me and it had been there for about 20 years.   I had to let it go. I would like to share more about this, but it would take too long – so please send me an email and I will gladly set down over coffee to visit.   I have to tell you that when my heart had been cleared it got scary – it was like this loud voice inside of me started directing and molding me. There were times that I actually looked around to see if someone else was with me….
That is when the theme of our GMM Conference “Driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit” became active for me. Just to give you a couple of examples on what happened to me are:

  1. I was driving home from a business trip up north in Wyoming and the closer I got to Cheyenne a voice was telling me that I needed to talk to a specific person on an issue. This issue did not even involve me – so my answer was No – Not my problem. The voice became louder so I finally said if I go there and he is at his desk I will do it.   When I got there the person was not at his desk – he was at the front door with open arms (We Talked).
  2. Then several times during my travels throughout Wyoming I would pass by cars at the side of the road and keep going – not my problem.   Now when I would pass the promptings would speak so loud that I would have to turn around and go back. Every time that I did this the people I encountered had been waiting a very long time for someone to stop.   I learned fast that when prompted to stop  I just needed to do it – it takes time to drive back 10 miles to be obedient.  I do have times when I go by and know it is OK…  **On one special occasion the people stated  “you must be a Christian – we have been praying for someone to stop” – They had been waiting a long time and no one was stopping. WOW

The Holy Spirit has an important role in our lives and we need to clear the junk in our hearts so that He can speak to us.   It is a powerful tool that we need to have working in us…

Have you cleared your Heart for the Promptings of the Holy Spirit?

Are you being Driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit?

Can you hear His voice when He Speaks?

***Pray to be empowered by the Holy Spirit Daily or even several times a Day – it will be amazing what happens.