God’s Men at the Weight Bench

In this 4 minute video clip from our GMM 2019 conference, keynote speaker Pastor Scott Bloyer illustrated 2Cor1:24 with four pastors around the weight bench.

My brothers of God’s Mighty Men: how can WE this apply this, sharing life with other brothers in Christ across ALL our networks of relationships? Let’s be intentional in walking this out.

How about extending these pastors’ weight bench “lifting partner” illustration to these possibilities:

• Among your family, extended family and closest friends?

• At fellowship of your congregation?

• Among co-workers of your church, and partners with other church/para-church ministries?

• In your secular organization relationships with Christian co-workers and volunteers?

• Among Christian acquaintances, neighbors, and casual friends with shared interests?

In order of appearance:

• Scott Bloyer, Pastor, Elevation Christian Church – Aurora, CO

• Fred Gallop, Pastor-in-residence, Element Church – Cheyenne WY

• Christopher Xanthos – Presbyter, Orthodox Church – Cheyenne WY

• Ernesto Hastey, Pastor, Iglesia Bautista Emanuel – Cheyenne WY

What do YOU want to remember from the 2019 Conference?

GMM intends that our conferences help every attendee go deeper in his relationship with Christ, to be encouraged to passionately live out God’s call in a team of brothers ministering in our home churches, in unity across our community. 

We were blessed by lots of speakers!  Consider this outline taken from the program and email gmmgodsmightymen@gmail.com with a key point or moment you remember from a 2019 conference speaker. Refresh your memory using the links to the various segments posted on the “2019 Conference” page.  Then stay tuned: we’ll be posting some memorable extracts from the conference in coming weeks and months.
Music / Worship Leaders
Opening Prayer: Mike Perez
Main Speaker: Pastor Scott Bloyer, Elevation Christian Church, Aurora, CO
Pastor Blasts  

  • Missionary Jerry Singh / One-Way Evangelistic Ministries, Cheyenne, WY
  • Presbyter Christopher Xanthos / Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Cheyenne, WY
  • Pastor T. Jay Smith / Beacon Hill Church
  • Pastor Fred Gallop / Element Church, Cheyenne, WY
  • Pastor Keith Miller / Meadowbrooke Church, Cheyenne, WY
  • Pastor Jode Dereemer / Recovery ministries at Cheyenne Hills Church, Cheyenne, WY
  • Pastor Kevin Frank / CrossPoint Fellowship @ Congregational Church
  • Pastor Kenny White / Cheyenne Hills Church, Cheyenne, WY

Presentation by GMM Advisory Pastors

  • Pastor Jason King / Living Water Church, Cheyenne, WY
  • Pastor Dan Irish / Harvest Time Christian Fellowship, Cheyenne, WY
  • Pastor Dan DeBruyn / Corssroads Coummunity Church, Pine Bluffs

Military Moment: Justin Walrath, Colonel, WY Air Natl Guard, Commander, 153d Airlift Wing
Closing Prayer: Lester Lavalais

Mark Oct. 26, 2019 on your calendar, gather your brothers in Christ

2019 GMM Conference – Crashing the Divide: Seeking Unity

MEN OF FAITH mark your calendars for “Crashing the Divide”! The God’s Mighty Men (GMM) Conference will be October 26th from 8:30AM to 1:00PM at Cheyenne Hills Church. Keynote speaker Scott Bloyer will encourage us as men to lead the way, as we seek unity on the common ground of our faith in Jesus Christ. Check out the intro video, gather your brothers and get your tickets under the Conference tab at godsmightymen.com.

What's the "signature sin" for men in our community?

Last week Steve W, Jim S and I had the pleasure of meeting with Pastor Scott Bloyer, the keynote speaker for our 2019 conference. Scott blessed us with about two hours of his time to get acquainted, hear about his vision for men’s ministry, and flesh out event preparations. It was an inspiring conversation with deep discussion on many joyful as well as hard topics.  This year’s conference promises to be excellent!

Scott asked us: what is the signature sin of all men in our community? There were several good answers. I suggested “Idolization of Self”: considering yourself God and adopting the attitude of the lyrics around I did it “My Way”.  As I reflect on that, I think my self-centeredness comes from the worst aspect of PRIDE. St. Augustine wrote, “Pride is the commencement of all sin because it was this which overthrew the devil, from whom arose the origin of sin; and afterwards it subverted [man] in the same way in which he himself fell. For the serpent, in fact, only sought for the door of pride whereby to enter when he said, ‘Ye shall be as gods.”

If I want to be my own “mighty man” I won’t be God’s mighty man: I’ll resist the true Christian fellowship described in the Bible, and I won’t be a blessing to my family, my church and my community.

Brothers, we are called to something much better than rugged individualism. Mark your calendar to reserve Saturday, Oct. 26th, for “Crashing the Divide: Seeking Unity”.

Always Remember (post from Tom C.)

Sometimes I think we forget who we really are, how we were designed, what’s been purchased for us. So here’s a quick reminder on a small portion of your amazingness!
All things work together for your good.
You were created in the image of your Creator.
You were knit together in your mother’s womb.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Every hair on your head is known.
You are of a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, you are His special possession.
If He is for you, who can be against?
You are more than a conqueror.
You are free from all curses.
You are blessed coming in and going out.
No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
The enemy must flee from you.
Everything you put your hand to shall prosper.
You are sealed by the Spirit. Its deposit in your heart is your guarantee.
You have a spirit of boldness and courage.
If you ask, you shall receive.
You are heir to the greatest estate ever.
You are holy, perfect, justified, and redeemed.
You are equipped to do every good work.
You have authority over the enemy.
You have good treasure in your heart.
You produce good fruit.
You have life and life to the fullest.
Hey, you’re even worth more than a fallen sparrow.
Your leaves are always green.
You are hidden in His hand.
You are free.
Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.
As He is; so are you in this world.
You lack nothing.
You have a constant intercessor.
You rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
You are more than you can think or imagine – a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over!
You, my friend, are eternally and unconditionally loved!
Tom Cassidy

The Tyranny of a Small Word (blog from Mike P.) 

​​”But we know where he’s from.” ​Some of the people dismissed Jesus out of hand because they knew where he had been raised.​ ​”He is from Nazareth,​”​ they reasoned​… “​he can’t possibly be the Messiah: the one to follow.“​ How often do we do the same thing, keeping Jesus at a distance with simple nonsensical objections that almost always begin with “​but​”​?​

​”I’d love to follow Jesus, but…. ​”
​      ​ ​”I really need healing, but….​”
​      ​ ​​      ​ ​​”I want my life to ​c​hange, but….​”
​Whatever our struggles, whatever our failings​: habitual sins​,​ disordered attractions, addictions ​of one kind or another — Christ​’s​ love and mercy is far greater​!
He spends his eternity to overcome the strange time-bound​ tyranny of a very small word : but….

Our brother Mike P. shared this thoughtful adaption from ​the 2017 Magnificat Lenten Companion, which refers to John 7.

Keep Praying, Like Believers! (post by Lester)

Good morning my Brothers in Christ! Been praying on what the Father would have me share. I want the Holy Spirit to be my guide!
There are brothers and sisters going through some difficult trials, to the point of praying for a miracle: for 15 more years of life on this side of Heaven… as did Hezekiah when he prayed to our Father for this. The eyes are seeing, and the ears are hearing what is on the outside. And it does not look promising.
But we have a God! And His Word says (1 Corithians 2:9 KJV): “But as it is written, Eye has not seen , nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them who love Him.” We are continuing to pray and hope with expectation for our Dearest Father, to move on behalf of our brothers and sisters for a miracle! (Like  Mark 5:22-43, with the woman with the issue of blood, and Jairus’ daughter.)
My brothers, don’t give up and don’t stop believing!

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Here is a moving and poignant testimony from our brother Ryan.  Let us keep this family in prayer!
My wife gave birth to our third child about a month ago. All of us were sick during that time but none more than my wife. She had a chest cold along with a sinus infection. The birth caused both of her eardrums to rupture because of the sinus pressure which has temporarily damaged her hearing. If I had to guess her hearing is still only at about 50%.
It has been a rough month. I can’t have a conversation with my wife without speaking very loudly. It’s a strange thing because even though my wife is present with us, she seems to be absent in a way. Anybody that knows Susie will confirm the fact that she’s a very energetic and talkative person. Because of the lack of hearing and other residual effects from the birth, she does a lot of sleeping and sitting which is very unlike her. She watches us with eyes of someone who is looking into a room from outside the door that is eager to participate but can’t get in.
I say all this to make the point that we take so many of God’s blessings for granted. Before this happened, I don’t remember appreciating the simple but HUGE blessing such as hearing. Now I think about it everyday. I miss my wife and my kids miss their mom simply because she can’t hear very well.
I’m not sharing this to complain but just the opposite; to recognize and rejoice how we were all fearfully and wonderfully made! I know when Susie gets her hearing back, she will appreciate every word that enters it. And we will appreciate every word we speak to her.
You are blessed-

The leadership recipe for success

GMM President Jim Schamerhorn shared this:
I read an article recently that made me think about our leadership team as a “recipe for success.”
God is the “Master Chef” who has equipped each of us with gifts for success in this life. He has blessed each with talents, abilities, strengths, sensitivities and perspective. They include a full range of human emotions or lack thereof to enable us to represent him to the best of our ability (according to the power that works within).
Think of a recipe when cooking or baking. We put together a number of different ingredients: the best flour, good salt, and tasty spices. But separately they cannot be complete or effective, as they are meant to be in combination.
For  instance, when experienced on its own, flour is bland and can leave an unpleasant taste.  However, when combined with sugar, yeast, milk and other ingredients… it brings forth an amazing and wonderful loaf of bread.
Individually each of our team brings their specific gifts or strengths that ensure the overall success of GMM. These are a group of good and Godly men the Lord has put together in a “recipe for success.” They form the ingredients of a strong & cohesive band of brothers. However, as with any good recipe the constituent parts need an opportunity to interact to experience the benefit of the good and final product.
I’m looking forward to seeing what God cooks with us.