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2019 GMM Conference

2019 GMM Conference

Date: October 26, 2019

Location: Cheyenne Hills Church, Cheyenne, WY

Main Speaker: Scott Bloyer is the lead pastor at Elevation Christian Church in Aurora, CO where he is engaging people so they can experience life change in Jesus. In doing so they are building partnerships with organizations through out the city and the world to engage people in many different ways.

Check back for updates on the conference!

What to expect from the GMM Conference Experience:

 D E P T H

  1. Deeper > relationship with Christ
  2. Encouragement > from community and Holy Spirit
  3. Passion > renewed, contagious, celebrating your gifts and talents
  4. Team > Band of Brothers, Unity in Community
  5. Home Church > daily bread and execution vehicle, pastors’ passions

Mission Statement:     Brothers in Christ actively building JESUS in our community

 Vision Statement:       With encouragement and the power of that the Holy Spirit gives, God’s Mighty Men will stand and band together to win souls for Christ, while at the same time fortifying their town and church’s from Satan’s attack.