Fighting for your Wife:

Today my wife shared an article with me that she found on Facebook that she really wanted me to see…   As usual it took a while for her to get me pass my Hmmmm’s and Uhmmmmm’s to get me to pay attention to what she wanted to show me.   I complained about the Web site being to slow and probably messing up our computer and then she got discouraged and walked off.   (OK – I did it again – I did not pay attention).
Well after getting the article into a format that I could read and concentrate on, she was right (don’t tell her that) – this is a great article on the battle for our Wife’s. The author wrote down a list of vows that he was going to work on. Below is his article…   I have underlined a few of them that I liked… but I really need to work on some of the others….     Enjoy the article…   Bobbyg
Fighting For My Wife: By Timothy Willard  –  You will need to read the whole article to understand why he wrote these vows  – so please look it up (
So, I vow …

  • To love big, and stay small. Doing what I need to do to keep the humility of Christ ever in my heart.
  • To get off my devices and be present for my wife and children.
  • To let her see me turn away from images I know my heart can’t handle.
  • To guard my heart, for it is the wellspring of life.
  • To get into the wilderness regularly. Not just with dudes, but with God. (This is a must for men – Bobbyg)
  • To seek quiet, stillness, and solitude. To let it breathe through me and into my household.
  • To show my ladies the value in a good fire, a yummy s’more, and a terrifying ghost story.
  • To not give in to the rat-race of busy-ness, and be home—not just sitting around, but doing, building, playing, laughing, failing, singing, cooking, loving.
  • To work harder at being a husband and dad than I do at my job.
  • To let the blows of God mold me. For when I am in his hands, I am my best self.
  • To make play with my girls and wife more important than watching football.
  • To never let my mind get weak by the amusement and entertainment the world flings at me on an hourly basis.
  • To be active in my church.
  • To spiritually pastor and lead my household by initiating times of prayer, Bible reading, and worship.
  • To let praise, to God and to my ladies, be ever on my lips.
  • To try new things so that I will never stagnate.
  • To give my wife every opportunity to shine: in her home, in front of her daughters, in front of her friends, in front of her parents.
  • To buy her that expensive chair, and then sit with her in quiet, reading praying, and dreaming.
  • To defer whatever power I might think I have to God, and to my wife.
  • To not fuss over things that don’t matter. Like where we eat after church, or what should hang on the wall, or what movie to watch.
  • To live as a shield for my wife and pixies—to take on pain, so they won’t have to.
  • To let my wife know I live, laugh, and sleep with the real Wonder Woman. J
  • To empower my wife’s gifts with my own.
  • To let her see me cry. (Really tough one for me – Bobbyg)


  • To kiss her just because.
  • To kiss her again, just because.
  • And again.
  • To be honest, to seek truth, but always with a spirit of love and encouragement.
  • To have the French Press hot when she walks down the stairs.
  • To let her know how much I learn from her.
  • To rub her arm in church.
  • To confess to her during communion.
  • To speak to her with a heavenly tone, and with words that make the angels cry with jealousy.
  • To be a warrior-poet for my girls—by setting standards, not just rules, by warding off culture’s constant voice with the sword of my imagination, and by winning the fight for their hearts with a holiness I seek like silver.
  • To YAWP for my wife; in triumph, in pain, in ecstasy, so we never forget the ferocity of life, and the God who makes it so.
  • To die. To my self. To my passions. To my lust. Over and over. As many times as it takes.