Be Still………….

      I am having one of those seasons in life where everything seems to be piling up – Family – Work – Ministry and at times it gets to be overwhelming.   So today my great friend Jim Schamerhorn and I took a road trip to Scottsbluff NE to pass on some information about our upcoming GMM Conference.   
          You know God does great work through a variety of people and this was no exception.   We had a great talk on the way there and back about how God is working in our lives – but the work God is doing in Scottsbluff is inspiring.    Everyone needs a road trip once in a while with a great friend.
**Nebraska just passed a Bill to make this week National Christian Heritage Week and we were able to join the local radio station to talk about that in the first part of the show.   There has been a push with the Governors to pass this in every state.  By the way – Jim and I were on the KCMI Radio station for @ hour interviewing with the DJ – he kept calling us Jim-Bob – Lots of fun.    Then we enjoyed sharing about the GMM Conference during the last part of the show.  We had a great time visiting with the people at the Radio Station.
                    When we were finished we had lunch with Pastor Tyson Lambertson from “The Rock” Church in Scottsbluff.   Pastor Tyson has blessed me in some great ways from our conversation and it was great to hear his story…   He made my day…       God is doing some great things through this Pastor.   Thank You Pastor Tyson… 
          So after all of that it brought me back to my Wife’s favorite verse and all the stuff that seems to be overwhelming me at the present time.
          Psalms 46:10 – He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;            I had to remind myself that God is at work in all aspects of my life and I need to understand that He will get me through it all.   The most important thing I need to remember is     “Jesus”       and that He is the   “I AM”.         Jesus is at work – I just need to stop and Be Still – Then I need to look and listen…  Then I can see Him as I did in Scottsbluff today – He will be at work in my Life also>  AMEN 

So what are your life challenges for today?

Have they become overwhelming?

Have you paused to turn them over to Jesus?

Are you being Still so He can do His work and you can know that he is God?


Facing the Giants:

     My wife handed me the movie “Facing the Giants” this last weekend and said let’s watch this.   For those of you who have not watched it – I would highly recommend it – along with another movie I mentioned “War Room”.
          As you know in Real life when the problems start to build up they always seem to come in 3’s and sometimes even more… as they did in the movie.  As for the coach he turned to Jesus to get him where he needed to be…   He did not pray that Jesus would fix his problems.  The Coach prayed that he would be doing God’s will and praising Him through the victories and the losses (then he led the other coaches and player on the same journey).   In the end they defeated the Giants… 
           I went with my oldest son this week to church at Element and Pastor Jeff had a Scripture that hit the spot for me in facing the Giants. 

Matthew 19:26:  Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

          As you read the stories in the Old Testament – you can see this unfold.  Pastor Jeff told a story at our very 1st GMM conference about Jonathan and his Armor bearer that has always come back to me.    The part of the story that I like is when Jonathan makes the Decision to go forward and meet his Giants.

“Jonathan said to his young armor-bearer, “Come, let’s go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised men. Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.”

     I am always reminded that Like Jonathan I must be active in what I do – I cannot sit under the tree and wait for an answer.   As I encounter the problems of the world – I too cannot give up.   The Coach and Jonathan kept going forward trusting that God would help them defeat the Giants and they were successful. As I face the Giants in my life at the present time – I too must be reminded that with Jesus I can defeat them also.   Nothing is impossible with Him fighting the Battle for me.

 So what are the Giants that you are facing?

Are you doing it alone or trusting in others to walk beside you?

Do you believe all things are possible with Jesus?

Are you praising Him through the good and the bad?



Are you an Effective Christian?

My Pastor (Shaun) is starting his teaching in 2 Timothy this week and one section of the 1st Chapter got my attention:

2 Timothy 1: 7. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 8. So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God.

  Paul is sending a letter to Timothy and in these verses he describes three Characteristics of an effective Christian which are available with the Holy Spirit working within us. 
 Power:   Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
          To be a witness for Jesus takes Boldness that the Holy Spirit will equip us with – Verse 8 talks about not being Ashamed of our Testimony and especially of those that God has put in our path.
 Love:   My good Friend Nick – has a favorite quote    “Love Wins”      and it is a powerful gift when we use it in the right way.   The Spirit gives us the Power to love those we really do not want to be around…. it is through Grace that we can do this.  This is one the most powerful gifts we can have…
 Self-Discipline:  Here is a quote I pulled from the Web on this:  

1. Discipline and training of oneself, usually for improvement: Acquiring the habit of promptness requires self-discipline. “Self-discipline appears in various forms, such as perseverance, restraint, endurance, thinking before acting, finishing what you start doing, and as the ability to carry out one’s decisions and plans, in spite of inconvenience, hardships or obstacles.”

This gift can be shown in many different ways – and this is just a few examples…
     So I took these 3 Characteristics and did a self-evaluation on myself to see where I stood on being an Effective Christian…   I have to tell you that I need to work a little harder on all of these characteristics…   It will be something that I will focus on doing this week.

 So how do you stand on these three characteristics?

Are you an effective Christian?

Let the Holy Spirit do the work through you and focus on these during the week.


Do you have a “War Room”?

      My wife said we needed a date night last Saturday – so we went to dinner and a show at the Loveland outlet mall.   The movie was “War Room” – it is a spiritual based movie and it is a movie you need to go see.   Guys take your wife to this movie, you will not regret it.   I will try not to write too much about the Movie so that it will not ruin it for you when you go.
      The main character Miss Clara has allot of Wisdom that she shares during this movie and one of the points that hit home for me was.   We seem to be in all these Battles that we are trying to win alone – As Miss Clara would say:

    • “We fight for power. We fight for riches. We fight for rights. We fight for freedom,” she says. “There always seems to be something to fight about.”


“Very few of us know how to fight the right way.”


.” If we hope to thwart Satan’s schemes, to counter his cunning strategies to divide us, we’ll need a beefy battle strategy. A strategy that can come from only one place: time spent asking for God’s guidance in our prayer closet.”

       Miss Clara’s “War Room” was a prayer closet – it is where she fought her Battles.  She stated that we need the help of Jesus to fight our Battles for us and we need to get out of his way.   
    Prayer A   I have been fighting one of those battles that I cannot win and it is one that can only be won by Jesus.   My wife reminded me that even the Archangel Michael could not fight Satan on his own:     Jude 1:9 >But Michael the archangel, when he disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, did not dare pronounce against him a railing judgment, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”
      I must do the same – I must fight my Battles with the Help of Jesus and this must come through my own “War Room” and I need to stay out of His way.
           At the end of the movie Miss Clara gives this mighty Prayer and it was based on the verse:   2 Chronicles 7:14 > if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
       Her prayer was a Battle cry for us to step up and do what is required to win the Battle and that is to turn to Jesus…  
     You will have to watch the movie – It is the first time that I heard applause during a movie – it happened about 3 times.

 So what Battles are you fighting?

Are you turning them over to Jesus?

Are you getting out of his way?

Do you have a “War Room”?



How are you winning the Battle?

            I had a great weekend drafting my Fantasy Football team with my Son’s – Family – and Friends.   I have to tell you that I am starting a week of being extremely thankful of who God has put into my life. 
           There is this Spiritual Battle that I have been in for a little while and the presence of Christ is at its fullest at the present time.    A friend (Steve CZ.) sent an article to me on: “Harbinger Man: Now is the time to prepare” and I believe we are in those times.  The future for Christians going forward is going to require us to be founded in our Faith and we will be challenged.  I enjoyed reading this and towards the end of the article it really put an emphasis on Christians to: “Decide no matter what the majority does you will follow the Lord. You have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back. God will anoint those who do not compromise.”
        So going back to my first part of the Blog – I am extremely thankful for the people God has put into my life.    As we go through life we need to be surrounded by those people we can depend upon to help fight the Battle.   I have been blessed with a Faithful Wife who keeps me grounded and several Guys I call my 2am Guys – then I have a couple of Pastors who give me wisdom.   
       I can feel the Battle being won at the present time and it is because of Presence of Christ guiding me.   Then the people who surround me are covering me with prayer and it is a must if I am going to succeed.  
        One of my Face Book Friends (Sherry L.) posted this inspiration and it is a great prayer of thankfulness towards GOD. “The deepest level of worship is praising God in spite of the pain, thanking God during the trials, trusting Him when we’re tempted to lose Hope and LOVING HIM when He seems so distant and far away.   At my lowest, God is my hope, at my darkest, God is my light.  At my weakest, God is my strength.  At my saddest, God is my comforter. “

 So where do you stand in the Battle?

Are you prepared and feel the presence of Christ?

Who do you have alongside of you?

 PS —  I drafted an Awesome Fantasy Football team……..

My Foundation:

      I had a great prayer time and devotion with Pastor Max and Mike this morning.  The message was one about some of the Churches that are talked about in Revelations.   It talked about how Jesus knew of the Church’s reputations and had seen some good deeds in them, but there was still problems with their Faith.   The Strength they had was about to die and they needed to remember and hold fast to their foundation.  
          It made me look at myself and ask: does Jesus see me in the same way – can He see the good in me but I still need to Hold Fast.  
            The journey that God has taken my wife and me on in the last few months has us seeking the Strength to keep up the good fight.  My wife gave me a great word of Wisdom this morning that helped in keeping our Faith Strong.   “He kept his Faith and God kept Him!”
          I know Jesus sees the Good in us and that is the area we need stay focused on then He will supply the rest.   One of the areas we are working really hard at is an area that Jesus finishes allot of the Chapter 3 in Revelations with:  Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches!”    
The same goes for us:  We have to be open to the promptings of the Spirit to guide us as we go forward.
           As I am writing this the song “We Believe“ (by the News Boys) is playing and it is what we have to keep saying “We Believe”…..   It has a great message on what our Faith is.   A great song to keep us Strong in our Foundation. 

 So as you go through those Challenges – where does your Foundation and Strength come from?

Where is your Faith?

Do you believe?

Does Jesus see your Good Deeds?

Are you holding fast?


Bring the boy to me!

     I have been doing some quiet time in my Sun room this morning and after a call from a great friend Steve W. it has me praying about being able to turn my problems over to Jesus.  
          The scripture verse that I have been praying on for a while is:
Mark 9:19:  “You unbelieving generation,” Jesus replied, “How long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you? Bring the boy to me.”
       When you read the rest of the verses in this Chapter – the Disciples were doing everything they could to help this person – but nothing was working…      But Jesus’s reply is – why have you not brought him to me??    Great Question!    Why have I not taken my problems to him?  
          At the same time during my Quiet time this morning – Jeremy Camp’s song of “Same Power” was being played (Lyrics below) and it hit home really hard.  I have the Power to overcome obstacles in my life but the biggest person in the way is ME.    It is only Jesus working through me that I can have this Power – I must first place all of me at His feet and turn it all over to Him.    So as the verse above states – I must bring the Boy (That would be ME) to Jesus and believe that he has the Power to HEAL my unbelief.   When I have done that then I can really turn my Boys over to Him and believe that His Healing will protect and take care of them.   My prayer would be that I can do this – it is through prayer and belief that I can take it all to Jesus.

 Have you brought the boy/girl to Him?

 Enjoy the lyrics from Jeremy Camp below…

If you can google the song “Same Power” from Jeremy Camp – it is great to listen too.

I can see

Waters raging at my feet

I can feel

The breath of those surrounding me

I can hear

The sound of nations rising up

We will not be overtaken

We will not be overcome

 I can walk

Down this dark and painful road

I can face

Every fear of the unknown

I can hear

All God’s children singing out

We will not be overtaken

We will not be overcome

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave

The same power that commands the dead to wake

Lives in us, lives in us

The same power that moves mountains when He speaks

The same power that can calm a raging sea

Lives in us, lives in us

He lives in us, lives in us

We have hope

That His promises are true

In His strength

There is nothing we can’t do

Yes, we know

There are greater things in store

We will not be overtaken

We will not be overcome

Greater is He that is living in me

He’s conquered our enemy

No power of darkness

No weapon prevails

We stand here in victory





How do I Respond?

      A friend (thank you Bob W.) sent me an article about how should Christians respond and it is a really good question.     Here is a portion of the article:

“How should Christians respond?  Protesting unbiblical morality can warn parents and might affect programming decisions.  But we need to do more.  Our society desperately needs an alternative, a culture that manifests God’s Kingdom on earth.”

     In the past month I have watched several Pastors and Churches respond to what it happening in the current morality decisions being made by our Government and Courts.   I have to tell you it has been good to see a response on the issues and making a STAND in what we believe in.   The greatest part of the responses that I have read and heard is that they are being done in Love.  
                   I have visited with several of my friends about where our cultural is going and the overall response is that we are going to be tested on what we believe in.   I believe that we are in times where I need to make a stand on what my beliefs are and I am going to have to voice that opinion.    If I stand back and say nothing, then I will be like our ancestors in the old days and God is going to allow my country to have what it wants (I may not like the results).
   My biggest dilemma is how I make my Beliefs be heard…  

  1.  Do I start visiting with my representatives?
  2. Do I become a Politician?
  3. Do I join a group of like-minded people to be heard?

        The list could go on…..   But I have come to the conclusion that my first response is to make sure the people around me know what I believe in.   This is probably the most effective way I can help in changing what is happening in my world today.   I also need to do this in Love – as the greatest commandment says:


     So that will be my first step in how I respond!

 So how are you going to respond to the current morality decisions that being made today?

One of the quotes in the article is:

”Building a Kingdom culture requires Kingdom Christians.  Are you one?


What am I doing?

     I have been reading one of Erwin McManus books on the Church “An Unstoppable Force” – but rather then looking at it as a specific Congregation – I look at The Church as all the Christians from all denominations.    So as I read the focus comes back to “What am I doing?” 
           I would like to share a couple of areas from the last couple of Chapters that really challenge me where I am today.   I have commented on a couple of my last Blogs that my act of Worship this year is to be bolder about my Faith.   I had become one of those people several years ago that sought out a Church just to become a Retired Christian – I had done my work – now it was time for the young people to carry on.     Here is a quote that would have fit me several years ago:   “The Church became a refuge from the world rather than a force in the world.”   –  But God has been molding me for several years now.
          Then came a couple of other quotes a few paragraphs later that made me evaluate myself:

  •                     “I know that we are the Sheep of God, and sheep require the Shepherd to feed them, but there must come a time when we become shepherds who feed others.”
  •              “Are we too much about getting us fed and too little about us exercising our Faith?”

           I have some Friends who will be going to Mule Creek Junction in August to give out Free Ice Water to all the Bikers that pass through.   At the same time they will be sharing their Faith to any who will listen.  This is the kind of action that we should be doing – looking for ways that we can share our Faith.
            I am getting older now and I should have been feed enough to be able to start feeding those around me.  So what am I doing today to feed those around me?  Am I being a Shepherd and giving them what they need to live?   These are the questions that I have to answer to myself and see if I am being Bold about my Faith.

 So what does this look like for you?

Are you still being FEED and not feeding those around you?

Have you found a way that you can share your Faith Boldly?


Like me – you will have to sit back and evaluate yourself and answer the Question:  “What am I doing”?


What is on your Wall?

          The Fourth of July weekend was adventurous in many ways for my family:

  1.  My grandkids were up and we enjoyed the weekend – also enjoying fireworks at the park.
  2. My nephew got married and we got together will all the family.
  3. Then there is always the glitch.

      My wife has several scripture and sayings on our walls that keep me in check with what God has in store for us.   I get to walk around and ponder on them as I am strolling around the house.   But it reminded me of the sermon we had last week on Job – in the end he never knew the Why of all of his story, and that may be the same for me.
          But here are a couple of the Sayings that my wife has on the walls.

  •  The Lord will Fight for you – you need only to be Still
  • Live Simply – Love Generously – Care Deeply – Speak Kindly:  Leave the rest to God.
  • If He brings you to it – He will bring you through it.
  • Be Still and Know that I am God.

Then the best one is.                                     I AM
          You know we have good times and bad times that make up the life that God is taking us through.   The question is:    Do we believe that he will get us through the hard times.   As the sayings above go – we must trust in the Lord that he will deliver us as he did Job.   The Biggest test will be #2 – How does our witness look as we go through the Good Times and the Bad Times.    I have to tell you – it is easy when life is going good – but that glitch – I am struggling with that one.  So I walk allot around the house when the glitch comes and Be Still and know that I Am Godreally focus on what is being said in each of these writings on the walls.
          But it is the last one that always gets me:               I AM 
As with Job – God has to remind me who is control and why would I question Him as he takes me down that road called Life…   

So if you have those struggles – it always helps to have reminders on who is in Control and that He will take you through it all.  We just need to Be Still and Let Him Work

But most of all we have to remember who God is: