Be Still………….

      I am having one of those seasons in life where everything seems to be piling up – Family – Work – Ministry and at times it gets to be overwhelming.   So today my great friend Jim Schamerhorn and I took a road trip to Scottsbluff NE to pass on some information about our upcoming GMM Conference.   
          You know God does great work through a variety of people and this was no exception.   We had a great talk on the way there and back about how God is working in our lives – but the work God is doing in Scottsbluff is inspiring.    Everyone needs a road trip once in a while with a great friend.
**Nebraska just passed a Bill to make this week National Christian Heritage Week and we were able to join the local radio station to talk about that in the first part of the show.   There has been a push with the Governors to pass this in every state.  By the way – Jim and I were on the KCMI Radio station for @ hour interviewing with the DJ – he kept calling us Jim-Bob – Lots of fun.    Then we enjoyed sharing about the GMM Conference during the last part of the show.  We had a great time visiting with the people at the Radio Station.
                    When we were finished we had lunch with Pastor Tyson Lambertson from “The Rock” Church in Scottsbluff.   Pastor Tyson has blessed me in some great ways from our conversation and it was great to hear his story…   He made my day…       God is doing some great things through this Pastor.   Thank You Pastor Tyson… 
          So after all of that it brought me back to my Wife’s favorite verse and all the stuff that seems to be overwhelming me at the present time.
          Psalms 46:10 – He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;            I had to remind myself that God is at work in all aspects of my life and I need to understand that He will get me through it all.   The most important thing I need to remember is     “Jesus”       and that He is the   “I AM”.         Jesus is at work – I just need to stop and Be Still – Then I need to look and listen…  Then I can see Him as I did in Scottsbluff today – He will be at work in my Life also>  AMEN 

So what are your life challenges for today?

Have they become overwhelming?

Have you paused to turn them over to Jesus?

Are you being Still so He can do His work and you can know that he is God?