What am I doing?

     I have been reading one of Erwin McManus books on the Church “An Unstoppable Force” – but rather then looking at it as a specific Congregation – I look at The Church as all the Christians from all denominations.    So as I read the focus comes back to “What am I doing?” 
           I would like to share a couple of areas from the last couple of Chapters that really challenge me where I am today.   I have commented on a couple of my last Blogs that my act of Worship this year is to be bolder about my Faith.   I had become one of those people several years ago that sought out a Church just to become a Retired Christian – I had done my work – now it was time for the young people to carry on.     Here is a quote that would have fit me several years ago:   “The Church became a refuge from the world rather than a force in the world.”   –  But God has been molding me for several years now.
          Then came a couple of other quotes a few paragraphs later that made me evaluate myself:

  •                     “I know that we are the Sheep of God, and sheep require the Shepherd to feed them, but there must come a time when we become shepherds who feed others.”
  •              “Are we too much about getting us fed and too little about us exercising our Faith?”

           I have some Friends who will be going to Mule Creek Junction in August to give out Free Ice Water to all the Bikers that pass through.   At the same time they will be sharing their Faith to any who will listen.  This is the kind of action that we should be doing – looking for ways that we can share our Faith.
            I am getting older now and I should have been feed enough to be able to start feeding those around me.  So what am I doing today to feed those around me?  Am I being a Shepherd and giving them what they need to live?   These are the questions that I have to answer to myself and see if I am being Bold about my Faith.

 So what does this look like for you?

Are you still being FEED and not feeding those around you?

Have you found a way that you can share your Faith Boldly?


Like me – you will have to sit back and evaluate yourself and answer the Question:  “What am I doing”?