What is on your Wall?

          The Fourth of July weekend was adventurous in many ways for my family:

  1.  My grandkids were up and we enjoyed the weekend – also enjoying fireworks at the park.
  2. My nephew got married and we got together will all the family.
  3. Then there is always the glitch.

      My wife has several scripture and sayings on our walls that keep me in check with what God has in store for us.   I get to walk around and ponder on them as I am strolling around the house.   But it reminded me of the sermon we had last week on Job – in the end he never knew the Why of all of his story, and that may be the same for me.
          But here are a couple of the Sayings that my wife has on the walls.

  •  The Lord will Fight for you – you need only to be Still
  • Live Simply – Love Generously – Care Deeply – Speak Kindly:  Leave the rest to God.
  • If He brings you to it – He will bring you through it.
  • Be Still and Know that I am God.

Then the best one is.                                     I AM
          You know we have good times and bad times that make up the life that God is taking us through.   The question is:    Do we believe that he will get us through the hard times.   As the sayings above go – we must trust in the Lord that he will deliver us as he did Job.   The Biggest test will be #2 – How does our witness look as we go through the Good Times and the Bad Times.    I have to tell you – it is easy when life is going good – but that glitch – I am struggling with that one.  So I walk allot around the house when the glitch comes and Be Still and know that I Am Godreally focus on what is being said in each of these writings on the walls.
          But it is the last one that always gets me:               I AM 
As with Job – God has to remind me who is control and why would I question Him as he takes me down that road called Life…   

So if you have those struggles – it always helps to have reminders on who is in Control and that He will take you through it all.  We just need to Be Still and Let Him Work

But most of all we have to remember who God is: