My Foundation:

      I had a great prayer time and devotion with Pastor Max and Mike this morning.  The message was one about some of the Churches that are talked about in Revelations.   It talked about how Jesus knew of the Church’s reputations and had seen some good deeds in them, but there was still problems with their Faith.   The Strength they had was about to die and they needed to remember and hold fast to their foundation.  
          It made me look at myself and ask: does Jesus see me in the same way – can He see the good in me but I still need to Hold Fast.  
            The journey that God has taken my wife and me on in the last few months has us seeking the Strength to keep up the good fight.  My wife gave me a great word of Wisdom this morning that helped in keeping our Faith Strong.   “He kept his Faith and God kept Him!”
          I know Jesus sees the Good in us and that is the area we need stay focused on then He will supply the rest.   One of the areas we are working really hard at is an area that Jesus finishes allot of the Chapter 3 in Revelations with:  Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches!”    
The same goes for us:  We have to be open to the promptings of the Spirit to guide us as we go forward.
           As I am writing this the song “We Believe“ (by the News Boys) is playing and it is what we have to keep saying “We Believe”…..   It has a great message on what our Faith is.   A great song to keep us Strong in our Foundation. 

 So as you go through those Challenges – where does your Foundation and Strength come from?

Where is your Faith?

Do you believe?

Does Jesus see your Good Deeds?

Are you holding fast?