When God Speaks!

     About a month ago I was sitting in a waiting room at the hospital and just happen to start a conversation with the person next to me…   We ended up talking about our Faith and then the person asked me “Does God Speak to You?”  I had to pause for a second because I was not sure what I had gotten myself into.  But then the person went on to say that they had been told God only speaks to us through the Bible.   This person lives in the on a Ranch and during their prayer walk in the wilderness God will be speaking to them.  This person just wanted to reaffirm that they were hearing from God.
          I had to explain my experience when God started speaking to me.   It was not until I cleared my heart of some malice towards a person that I really wanted to be dead that He was able to speak to me.  I believe that we need to clear our Hearts before God can really reveal Himself to us.  When I started praying for the Salvation of this person I did not like – God Spoke.  I want you to know I had to look around in the Car to make sure no one else was there – I was driving north on I25.  
           So when I had breakfast with a really good Pastor Friend of mine yesterday he explained that God was speaking to him.   For two weeks I could not get in touch with him.   I asked him if he was on a Mission trip and out of the country (Not taking my call was not something that would happen – well maybe).   This Pastor has allot of wisdom when it comes to seeking God’s will in his life, so he went to God and asked Him about where he should be going.  He took two weeks off and shut everything off (including his phone) so that he could visit with God about Direction.   He now has this Glow that I believe must look like a Moses Glow when God spoke to him. 
          So I have learned that when you are Seeking God’s Presence and really want to visit with Him – You need some Wilderness Time.   You must clear your Heart of anything that would keep Him from being able to connect with you.  Then enjoy the conversation  He is going to reveal His will to you and it is a really great experience when you really talk to Jesus.  Then get ready for what He is going to say – When God Talks – You must listen and Obey. 
          I have to tell you that when God spoke to me – I was obedient to His call and was transformed and my relationship with Jesus was changed. 

So has Jesus been talking to you?

Have you cleared your heart so that you can hear His voice?

Be ready to be Obedient for what He is going to speak to you.