I normally do not get into politics when I write my blogs, but this week after hearing all of the accusations going around against both of the Presidential candidates I thought I would write something.  First of all I have already voted so that I can quit listening to all the new stuff coming out.  If you want to know who I voted for – that will have to be over a cup of coffee.
          My biggest question to myself is:   “Can Jesus use someone who is so Deplorable and broken?”  Both Candidates have a past that has come to the fore front to haunt them and it has made this campaign ugly.   But to answer my question I only have to look to the Bible to find the answer…

  1.  Peter when he denied Jesus 3 times was broken the moment he did it.  Look what happened after this – Christ built his rock on Peter.
  2. David committed murder and was an adulterer – with a repentant heart look what he wrote in Psalms.
  3. Jonah tried to run away from God and ended up in a Fish – after he spent a little bit of quite time he became the Man that God could work through.
  4. Paul –   Broken in so many ways and had a past of murdering Christians – what happened after an encounter with Christ – he became the most powerful asset for our Christian Faith.

     So back to my main Question to myself.   “Can Jesus use someone who is so Deplorable and broken?” and the answer is Yes He can.   I have been broken as have so many people around me – This is when Christ does His best work through us.   He has taken those bad situations we have encountered and molded us so that He can work through us in some very powerful ways. 
     One of the main responses I have to accomplish is to have a repentant heart – when that happens I hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit working inside of me.   This can happen to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton also.   If they are repentant – they can become the Leader that Christ would have them be and they will be led by the Holy Spirit…  We must be praying that this will happen. 

Through all of this I must remember that God is in control and He knows who is going to take this Country forward.  He will use them for His purpose to accomplish His will.

I just need to Trust in HIM>>>