Engaging Men to be fully ALIVE!

          Part of the GMM Theme for this year’s Conference is: “Relentless” “Engaging men to be fully alive” – so the question is what does that mean.   It can mean allot of different things for each man – which includes me.   I have been struggling on how Christ would have me become fully alive – and he has given me some hints lately which I will share in a minute.
   For now here is what the GMM President has said about it:  (Jim S.)

We hope to challenge men to consider their role in “God’s Plan”.  God has called men to be role models and leaders in our homes, churches and communities.

   Our main speaker this year is Matt Heard and on his web site The Gathering is where we got the term of engaging men to be fully alive.  One of their goals is:

We exist to honor and glorify God by focusing our energies on, reaching out to our community, teaching the love and truth of the Bible, and sending as many as we can out into the world with the good news of forgiveness and life through Jesus Christ.

So as you see I have not really answered the question of what this means – but I can tell you at the conference it will be explained in a more meaningful way. 
          Now for me:  One way Christ has called me recently to be more engaged and fully alive has been with a new resolution that was put out by our City Council.   It was a non-discrimination bill that could affect Christians and what they believe in.  I have been forwarding emails about how to get engaged and how to help in trying to get this ordinance stopped, but I was not doing anything.   I was convicted while in a prayer moment to get engaged – so I did what I had been writing about.  I cannot tell you if I had any part in helping, but the City Council member I wrote to, passed an amendment to the resolution to protect Christians in their beliefs (I hope it is enough to help).
          During this process one of the Pastors (BK) stated that we may not have won, but I am praying that this will get Men to engage in presenting their Christian beliefs.   I enjoyed his saying to one of the opponents after telling them how well they did and how they were very well organized.  He stated that you may have “Awakened a Sleeping Giant”.
          My hope is that they have – it is time for Christians to speak out on what our Beliefs is Jesus are.   We cannot just sit back anymore and be doormat – we must be awakened and be engaged.  Once I became engaged I can tell you the feeling of being fully alive started to burn a little – it felt good.

So what does Engaging Men to be fully alive mean to you?

Are you engaging?

Christ has given us the Power to be Bold and share our Beliefs – are You?