What do you get from a Concert or Confernce?????/

I had a great lunch with a good friend of mine yesterday (Choe) – he has a ministry of bringing some Awesome Christian Artist to Cheyenne for everyone to enjoy.   During our conversation we talked about what you should experience at a Christian Concert or even one of my Gods Mighty Men’s Conference.   This is just not just going to an event and to have an enjoyable time – but there should be more to it.  But do not get me wrong – you should have an AWESOME time at the event.
These events are not based on any Denomination or for just Christians – they are open for anyone to come and unite in one cause.   Choe has a vision that the GMM team has – we want people to come away different then when they arrived.  Here are a couple of visionary experiences we would like to see happen.

  1.  People should come together in unity and drop any denomination barriers and enjoy praising the Lord together.  We should become The Church at these times…
  2. At these events you should encounter the Power of the Holy Spirit at work in all the Hearts of the people.   To make one of these events successful to you personally – you must be open to what the Holy Spirit is trying to work through you.
  3. One of the major experiences that I believe should happen is that your relationship with Christ would be enhanced to a much deeper level.  When you leave the event – people should see Jesus in you and want to know what makes you glow.
  4. Passion:    Your Passion after a event should be so great that it becomes contagious to the people who surround you and your Joy is passed on.
  5. I would also like to see people being encouraged to go forward in Faith and be led by the Spirit to get involved in ministry…   this looks different to everyone – it can be just greeting people at church – praying for people – or it can be as big as putting together a Concert or Conference.  But we must go forward with a purpose in passing on the good news of Jesus Christ.

There are some great events coming up – so please check out our GMM Web site or watch for them to be announce through one of the Media Sources and then attend.
***So as you go forward this week – have lunch with a friend or family member and then go enjoy a Concert….