Radical Step of Faith

Well it has been about 3 weeks since I wrote my last Blog – but since then I have two new Titanium Knees that are gradually progressing along – but not without allot of Pain…     But God has been with me throughout the whole process and my Relationship is at an ultimate level.   One extra service I got out of the new knees is that I now have 2 weather devices that can tell me when the weather is going to change.
I do need to explain that my surgery was postponed for 2 weeks because of the floods in Fort Collins and this created a very hard decision that my family had to make.   If I went through my surgery – then I would get out on Tuesday and my wife was having Major Surgery on Wednesday.   We prayed allot and talked about what that would be like and could we handle it.  (If I waited it would have been late November before I could get another date for my surgery.)
Well we decided we would both have surgery and depend on God Meeting our needs….    It was a Radical Step of Obedience that has just been overwhelming to us on how God supplied our needs…     We had Family, Friends and Relationships that took us in and blessed us beyond what we could have ever imagined.
So my question to all of you – have you taken one of those Radical Steps of Obedience and let God supply your needs.   Has there been one of those Promptings from the Spirit that said – go forward and do it – not knowing how everything will be accomplished.    Today could be one of those steps of Faith that God is calling you to do and you are weighing out all the stuff that goes with it and holding back.  I would encourage you to take that Step —      God has promised that when you go forward in Faith – he will supply all of your needs…..
I am going to write another Blog on What Radical Steps of Obedicence looks like and would like some feedback from you guys…        Please send me an email to rogudahl@wyoming.com on what you think.