The Purple Apron Brigade

God’s Mighty Men have the pleasure each year of putting on our Purple Aprons to serve the ladies of this community.   This is a great service and adventure for those who volunteer to help.   WOW once again put on a Great Conference today (Who RU God?   –    Finding him right where U R) and Purple Aprons 1GMM was there to help serve them in getting lunch set up and to serve it.
I was thinking about WOW’s theme…     “Who RU God?  – And the follow up Finding him right where U R”.    Some of my most recent Blogs have been about – If God is calling you to do something – what are you doing – God is right here where we are.   I have to say the guys that were there to help – followed up on the promptings of the Holy Spirit and let God work through them in being a servant….
One of the greatest things that we as men can do – is to look for those opportunities to be a servant for the Ladies of your community.   This can be something as simple as fixing your wife dinner or looking to volunteer at the church in helping with Mother’s Day.   But we must be looking for areas to show the ladies that they are special and that we are excited in serving them.
So as you go forward this week —   Look around you – Listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit  –   and be a servant…………
 BobbygPurple Aprons 2