Does Your Work become Worship?

I was listening to my Wife’s DVD that she uses for her Bible Study and this comment got my Attention….   Does Your Work become Worship?  I had to really think about this one and reflect on what does my work look like.   I have to say that most of the time it does not look like Worship, but normally just something that I am required to do.
So what should our Job look like:   When you really think about a Job – this covers several areas of our lives and they should all reflect Worship – If we are truly filled with the Holy Spirit – People should see Jesus working through us.  I would like to discuss just a few of those Jobs.

  1.  Our Work (pay check) – When we are working – we should be grateful in the Blessing that God has given us and it should show by our Actions and Attitude.  What do people see in you at work?
  2. Home:  Sometimes working at Home just becomes a routine that we have to do.   This should be an area that when we work at home, I would expect to hear a Joyful noise coming from us because of what we have been given (That includes our Spouse and Kids if we are blessed to have them).
  3. Church:  When we volunteer to help at church – do we see this as something that is required or do we actually go into this act of service as a way to Worship.
  4. Hobby or what we do in our Spare time:   This one I enjoy using a friend of mine (Nick)…   When Nick Creates his Art – one of his biggest Questions is:  Do they see my relationship in Christ in what I create and do they see the Love of Jesus in me as I present it to others.
  5. Sports:   When I use to play Softball – this was a must… that when we played it should be a joyful time whether we are win or lose (we did not win many).   But our opponents should see that we are Christians in our actions on the field – it is a must.

The list could go on……………..
This takes practice and you have to really focus on what it is that we are thankful for and one of the ways that really helps me that is brought out in my wife’s Bible Study is:  We must be looking at the Present Moments that we are in right now – and be giving Thanks for the Blessings that we have been given.     “Fullness of Joy” should be a major act that people see in us.
**Worship in all that you do**