Testing my Faith and Support

I enjoy reading Christian Fiction – at the present time I am reading Sea Scribe by D.I. Telbat.   His writings are usually about Christians in the world who are being persecuted and there is a team of people trying to help them.   Since I have been home for a while recouping with my 2 new knees – I get to do allot of pondering.  So recently while reading this book – I had to ask myself – am I doing anything that would cause me to be persecuted for my beliefs??????  HMMMMM
So I started looking at several areas of my life to see what that might look like for me (and you can put yourself in these situations also).

  1.  At Work:   Do the people around me know that I am a Christian?  In the last few years I have been bolder about sharing my faith – I have not been persecuted – but I have been instructed to keep it out of some of my emails J….  But there is no persecution for me at work… maybe some rejection.   The rejection part will keep many of us from letting people know our Faith and I use to be one of them.
  2. How about the people around me – such as the clerk at the store – my physical Therapist-  My Neighbor.   This again is something that I have started to do in the last couple of years.
    1. My physical therapist is a Christian and goes to a great church in town.
    2. My Neighbors – I am learning about them – I just moved here in July – but I do know where a few them are spiritually and we have had some great talks.
  3.  The Store Clerk – well this one is a little harder – but I have tried to add something in my conversation that will show my Faith.

So am I persecuted as some Christians are for standing up for their Faith –  No –  I may get some rejections but we are blessed to live in a country that allows us to stand up for our Faith.
So the next thing I pondered on was——– am I one of those persons who is there to support a fellow Christian who is be persecuted or rejected????   There are times when one of our fellow Christians will need all the help that we can give them because of their Faith.   So I made a promise that I would look for those moments when I can at least:           *Support and stand beside    *Encourage their stand   *Back them up when there is a need   *Thank them for their courage.
So as you go forward this week – look for those areas that you can Stand Up for you Faith and also look for those moments when you can support a fellow Christian.