Radical Bold Obedience!

On one of my many mornings since surgery I am up most of the night because I do not get very much sleep — I was listening to a sermon from Joel Osteen at 2am on the Subject of Obedience.   It was a great sermon…..    A couple of his examples were about when you get a prompting from the Holy Spirit to do something – What do you do?
       A couple of his examples were:

  1. 1.   Joel and his wife were looking for a home to buy and when they came across this dump – the prompting from God was – Buy It….  They could afford a much better place – but they went forward with it and fixed it up….   
  2. 2.  One of the leaders in his church went to school and became a Doctor – but the Spirit prompted him to go into ministry….   So he Did It…      God has used him through his Doctors Degree to do so much more for the kingdom in that area.

***Both of these responses received God’s Blessing in the end and they were rewarded for their Obedience.
    In my readings at the present time – I am in 1st Samuel — back then God would talk to the Kings and tell them what to do…. Something like when the Spirit talks to us.     What is amazing is that what happened back then can happen to us today if we do the same.   When God instructed David to go forth and conquer other countries and destroy everything – it did not make sense.  David seemed to be always short of Man Power and to destroy everything when there could have been so much wealth – really did not make sense.   But out of Obedience David Did IT….   And was rewarded multiple times for his Obedience.
   Now comes the question again…         What is it that you are being Prompted to do at the present time by the Spirit?   You know it may not be anything that you can put your finger on – but it could be the Spirit is just telling you to go forward and do something.   The story of Jonathan and the Armor Bearer is a great example of this — instead of sitting under the tree with Saul and doing nothing – he went forward and Did something and God Blessed him.    http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Samuel+14&version=NIV
        So for this week……   pay attention to those promptings and see what it is that God wants you to do to receive his Blessing.
       So it may be –  Teaching a Sunday School Class –  Find a way to help the church – becoming friends with Neighbor – Make a meal for someone – Smile  –  Pray for someone –  Help someone pick up their leaves –   the list is Big….