The Early Church success:

     In my studies at the present time I am in the New Testament – I like to read 3 Chapters in the Gospels and then 3 Chapter beyond them, so I picked ACTS.   I really enjoyed reading how the early Church started and the excitement that was seen in them…   The saying “Do they See Jesus in me” – the new Christians would answer this with a Big YES. 
                Part of a Study section in my Bible had a short section talking about the early church: enjoy this bit of wisdom………..
     The source of power unleashed on the day of Pentecost will never fail.  On the day the church was born, the greatest spiritual renewal in world history occurred.  The early church grew because, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, believers devoted themselves to four things:

  1.  The apostle’s doctrine.  A growing church is one that’s grounded in God’s word.Pentecost
  2. Fellowship.  These believers spent time together in corporate worship.  They cared for each other.
  3. The breaking of bread.  Early believers ate and celebrated the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper together.  Each one shared his or her resources for the benefit of the group.
  4. Prayer.  These growing believers prayed together.  Both personal and corporate prayer are crucial for spiritual growth.

      When I look at these for items – I try to bring it back to my own personal life and grade myself on each one…    so here would be my Grade….    

  1.  C – I would like to say that my studies in the Bible are grounded to an everyday event…  I do miss days and the study part needs to be a bit more in-depth.
  2. B – My Fellowship at church lacks some – but I would have to say I compensate it with getting together 2 or 3 times a week if I can with other men to fellowship over a meal or cup of coffee.
  3. C – This breaking of bread was a little different then how we celebrate the Lord’s Supper currently – it would be more of a meal and the sharing of your resources…   I enjoy the church I attend because it serves the Lord’s Supper every week but Easter…  but where I fail is having a meal with other Christians – I always seem to be too busy.  (Not a excuse).
  4. C –   My Prayer life is good at times – but we as Christians should be in the aspect of Praying without Ceasing.   There are times when this happens but it needs to happen more often…

       As you can see I have allot of work to do in order to have the excitement and passion the early church used as a foundation. 

I would encourage you to use do the same and grade yourself on the 4 items from the early church and remember you have the same helper.

The Holy Spirit

Now do they see Jesus in You?