Obedience – Joseph Style:

     I finished reading the Old Testament from the Back to the Front (just my way of getting through the Old Testament) and now I started back in the New Testament with Matthew.  I am using the Promise Keepers Men’s Study Bible this time – try picking up a different study Bible to get a different perspective.
           Well in the First part of this study Bible it picks up on Obedience and specifically the Obedience of Joseph….  As you know the story of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus coming – Joseph needed to be prompted on being Obedient.  As the story goes on – Joseph will encounter many circumstances that requires his Obedience to keep his family safe.   “God Talks to Joseph several Times.”
           Below is an excerpt from the study Bible about Joseph’s Immediate Obedience:
          “He Arose” Those two short words communicate volumes about the character of Joseph.  Jesus` earthly father.  Upon receiving a command from God concerning the protection of his family, he immediately obeyed.  No debating, No Delaying.  Just immediate and complete obedience.
         Would Joseph’s obedience bring hardship?  Probably. And danger?  No doubt.  But still he obeyed.  And so must every man who commits to listening to God and following his commands.  The Bible has much to say about fathers and men of God – like Joseph, make your obedience immediate and complete.
         Later in Chapter 3 – it has a section of questions about Measuring Up to a Style of Joseph – and the question on Obedience is this one.
                 **Am I obedient – to God?  To my Superiors?  To the laws of the land?
           As you can see Obedience falls into many areas of our lives and God will require that we hold to what he has instructed us to do…   Can we be like Joseph and do it immediately?

This week look at those areas God is telling you what to do and follow up in the same Style Joseph did….