Statement on Marriage:

     I normally do not get into the talking about the controversial issues on my Blogs – but I would like to talk about Marriage.  If you have noticed in my last few Blogs I have talked about standing up for what you believe and that people should see Jesus in us – that includes dealing with the hard issues.
           Today’s newspaper had an article talking about “High Court Must Ban Marriage Bans”  – it was talking about Government not interfering in the private lives and the rights of citizens in their pursuit of Happiness.  (Gay Marriage)
           My Church a couple of weeks ago made a stand on Marriage and made a Declaration on what they believe…    WOW – This is something that Churches have been careful of because of the repercussions of making the Stand.  I am proud of my church for what they believe in…
    Below is their Declaration.
 Statement Concerning Same Sex Marriage
 With the recent legalization of Same Sex Marriage in the state of Wyoming I thought it was prudent to issue this statement to the church and community to make clear our stance on this issue.
 “Church’s Name” of Cheyenne holds to the Biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, the definition that was given to us by God in Genesis 2:24 and affirmed by His Son Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:5 and Mark 10:6-8. We hold to the Biblical teaching that willful homosexual activity is a sinful act as taught in both the Old and New Testament (Genesis 19:4-7, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Judges 19:22-23, Romans 1:26-27, 1Corinthians 6:9-10, 1Timothy 1:8-11). Since God and His word are our ultimate authority, we will not perform or make any resource in our stewardship available for same sex marriages. No ruling of court, legislature or even vote of the people will ever make homosexual practice acceptable for believers and no same sex marriage will ever be honored by God or this church. Legal does not equal righteous. When we are left to choose between what is legal and what God has said we will always choose what is right in the sight of God (Acts 4:19-20).
 Rest assured that God and “Church’s Name” of Cheyenne still love those who live a homosexual lifestyle.  We believe that Jesus died on the cross to free the whole world from the tyranny of all sin; including homosexuality. We believe that any sinner, including a homosexual, who will confess Christ as Lord will be forgiven of their sin and surrounded by a loving church family who will compassionately encourage them to fight temptation and walk away from their previous sinful lifestyle. We will love and stand firm with families whose children or other family members are involved in a homosexual lifestyle and not hold the sin of their family against them.
 This was signed by the Leadership of the Church….
      I did not deliberately take my Church’s name out of the Statement – I took it out hoping that other churches might take a similar stand and place their name in this spot.   Maybe we as Christians we could tweak a statement like that this and make it our own Statement (food for thought).

 Now we as Christians – can we make a Stand on what we believe in and at the same time let those who see us know that Jesus Love is working through us?????