Hope can be Shocking!

Last week I was able to enjoy a trip to Torrington for work….  someone forgot to put everything on the truck and I got the pleasure of delivering the rest.   I enjoy my driving time – it is a time to Worship and Pray for me and with my new job I do not get to do it that often.
          To get back to my topic “Hope can be Shocking” – I was listening to KLove and they were doing a fund raiser for the people of Detroit.  This is one of the hardest areas that has been hit with unemployment in the USA.   If you have been looking for a Mission Trip – you do not have to look far…. there are several areas in the USA that need our Help.   (Google Detroit and you will see the need).   But one of the Speakers stated that allot of people in Detroit have lost their Hope and when they are presented with the Hope of Jesus — it is shocking.  
           KLove put together a song about Hope from several Artists and it is must song to listen to….  http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=0EC9BJNU     Hope can Change everything – it was also written for the Detroit area.
           So now my question goes back to us…  What are we doing to give people HOPE?   My Grandkids spent last week with me and Diane – one of the projects that they did was put together a Christmas box for someone who would not get to enjoy Christmas.   This was one of those WOW moments again…   They really got into thinking about what they would put into this Box that someone would need that they did not have.   It took them 2 hours of shopping to come up with the perfect Gift for someone…. (I smiled when they placed a tooth brush and tooth paste into the Box – and they also put in a special gift and lots of other items).   We can learn from our Children around us – we need to have hearts such as theirs.
           One of my Special verses is Hebrews 11:1 – “Now Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”   This is a verse that keeps evolving as I get older – I always thought I knew what it meant, but as I experience life it becomes clearer on the intensity of what HOPE Means and the meaning keeps changing.
          This weeks sermon Shaun had one verse that hit this also – it was also from Hebrews…  7:18 – The former regulation is set aside because it was a weak and useless – (for the law made nothing perfect) – and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God.        That better hope is Jesus….    now can you imagine what Detroit would be like if they all were able to receive the Gift of Jesus this Year….   another WOW moment.   But this would be a Gift for everyone that does not know Jesus..  Hope can be Shocking when you first experience it – all of your past is forgiven and you can go forward in the arms of Jesus.

 So Going back to my question – What are you doing to bring Hope into the lives of people?  Go make a Christmas Box and tell someone you care about them and that there is HOPE…