Well it is Christmas Time AGAIN:

I am normally one of those HUM Bug type of people when Christmas roles around – I do not like:   Happy Holidays – Merry Xmas – and the focus going towards what am I going to buy for this person.    I know what Christmas is about and it seems to get missed…..    It is about the Birth of Christ…
          Well I have Grand Kids now and I have had to tweak my attitude a little – I do enjoy buying them gifts and watching their faces when they open them.  I do have to tell you – if you ask my Grand Kids what Christmas is about – they will give you the correct answer. 
           There is a song that Go Fish sings that gets me going each year:  enjoy….

“Christmas with a Capital C” by Go Fish Guys  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkIj94yepfU

           I hope you listened to the song – I can always make it through The Christmas Season after playing this a few times…
           My Tweaking recently has taken me down a different path on Christmas – it made me think “what a better time to express my belief”.   I have learned that when some tells me Happy Holidays – I can reply with a “Merry Christmas”.   I have learned that this is all it takes, they will know where my faith is by the words I SPEAK.  At work the other day some of the employees were decorating their windows and asked me about what I wanted to do with mine.   I had a big smile and said that I would like to put a Manger scene on my window.   You know most of the time it only takes a few words about the real meaning of Christmas to get people to think about the REASON FOR THE SEASON.
           Just a quick note – this is the first year I actually put lights on my front porch…..   It now shines to show that I really do not have to be a HUM Bug type of person this time of year…          

 So this Christmas Season enjoy just sharing a few words with the people you encounter.   A simple “Merry Christmas” can go a long ways in sharing your faith.