Man Time!

Every year I go hunting with some of my brothers, brother in-laws, sons, grandsons, nephews and great nephews for about a week. I do have to tell you that we do not take any guns so as not to take a chance of ruining a great hunting trip. If you shoot something the work starts….   We call it hunting so the ladies do not want to go – but they would if it was a great camping trip.   This is the guy’s week out.
We do this because it is really important for the guys in our family to just get to know each other better and have a great time.   By the way we shoot my bothers hat every year (we have done this for over 35 years) and we have created a tradition that the younger men count on. When we talk about “Living The Legacy” – this is exactly what we do with the young men that surround us. We Pray – We hold each other accountable for our Language (hunting camp Language can be questionable) and during the week there are times we can talk about our lives and how Jesus has impacted it.
I have to tell you that if you are not creating some “Man Time” you need to find a way to start it. The GMM Team has recognized that we as a group of men leading a Ministry also need some time together. We attempt to find some ways to just connect. It can be with a Cup of Coffee – Dinner – Fishing – or just a walk. I will tell you it can be hard at times to find TIME to connect, but we try to do our best to make some connect time during the year.
One of most important things in my life are my 2am guys… I have written a few blogs about this in the past and it is important that we as Men have a few of them.   These are the men that you can call at 2am and they will show up.   They are the men that will show up in times of trials and they will also hold you accountable. These men are a must for us guys…… I hope you can identify a few of them for yourself.

So how do you get “Man Time”?

Do you have a few 2am guys?

What traditions have you created that will make an impact on the others in your life? The shooting of my Brothers hat has a bigger impact on the younger men then what we expected….

**By the way a Game Warden stopped us this year and asked how are hunting was doing. We said that we were having a great hunting trip – we did not bring any guns so we could not ruin it….   He just smiled………………….