“Living the Legacy” (making a difference)

The GMM Conference is only a few days away and with everything almost completed – I finally get some time to focus on what this year is about. As I am getting just a little bit older so are several of my friends and family members. All that means is that a few more of them have completed their journey are now in Heaven.
There have been a few special friends that passed away this year and the Theme of “Living the Legacy” (making a difference) really has come to light for me. Here are a few of the Men that made a difference:

  1. My Dad: I always told my dad that he was the founder of GMM because he raised me to know the Jesus.  One special gift my dad had was that he met no strangers – if you were willing to talk he would visit…
  2. Marty A.: If you were at the last year’s God’s Mighty Men’s conference you would have seen Marty helping at the Ticket table.  Marty had a gift of being a servant and if there was a need Marty would be there.
  3. Pastor Bob C.: Pastor Bob was special to GMM – he was always looking for ways to help and his Pastor Blast was extremely unique and is on our Facebook Page. (it is a ways down on the page – https://www.facebook.com/FrontRangeGMM)  Pastor Bob was known throughout the Rodeo circuit and impacted many cowboys.

These men all had something in common – they made a difference and left a Legacy by Living the Legacy.   You knew they were different because of the impact on the people they encountered in helping make their lives better. At each of their life celebrations people stood up and gave testimony about how each of these men made a difference in their lives. These are the WOW moments.   People knew Jesus because of each of these men’s impact on their lives.
Now I would like to mention a young man that is “Living the Legacy” and making a difference today.   He is kind of a fourth son to me and is dying of cancer at the age of 38 but if you met him – he would change your life. The people that come to see him are more blessed then he was when they left. Steve was excited about telling people about Jesus and was looking for those moments to share his testimony.   Even through the pain you can see Jesus shining through him  Steve is a great example of what “Living the Legacy” (making a difference) is.   He is going to go to his eternal home in the next few days but his last few months were praising Jesus and sharing the gospel.   As Erwin McManus would say – Steve’s quiver of arrows will be empty when he goes home.
Of all these examples above it reminds me of the scripture:

2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

They all finished WELL……………………………………..   I could write stories on each of these men but you get a glimpse of what “Living the Legacy” means to me on these brief explanations of each of their lives.   They make me look at how do I Impact the lives that are in front of me and will my quiver of Arrows be empty when I go home.            Thank You.
See you Saturday.