Is Christ Leading the WAY?

     I am reading a Fictional book from D.J. Delbat “The Coil Series” about a Christian Group who is fighting the Battle for Christian who are in Need.  This has been a great series when you look at what is happening in the World today and especially in the Middle East.
          Corban Dowler in going through a War Zone at the present time with so much passion and love to save some Muslim Christians and get them the supplies they need.   He is dealing with the enemy constantly and the weapons he uses are non-threatening – they are tranquilizer guns…     
          What is so amazing about this story is that as he is going forward – he is constantly reminding himself that Christ has to have the lead and Christ is making a pathway for him to be successful in the mission he is on.   Then there are those around him that are considered the enemy and he is constantly trying to bring them to Jesus and His Salvation.     These are WOW moments for the book….  to be praying for the evil people of the world so that they will get to get to know Jesus and leave their past behind…   It is hard for some them because of how bad their past looks.. but when they have accepted Jesus – there past is gone and they have freedom.
          Now I need to bring this story to the present and ask the question: am I fighting the Battle as Corban Dowler is.   The last couple of Months have been In the fiery Battletough – my Blood Pressure is spiking – I have to tell you “I have not let Christ take the Lead in most of my battles”.   The times that I do – there is peace but it needs to happen more often….   Then this thing about praying for the enemy or those who need Jesus and they are right in front of me.  I really need to do this more often – especially those that I am in constant contact with at work/store/dining out/church/…….      But in the book – others that surround Corban Dowler are seeming him at work and trying to follow in his footsteps. 
          You know what:   WE CAN DO THE SAME…     We need to be praying constantly as we are in the Battle to be doing God’s will and letting him take the Lead.  Then we seriously need to be looking at those who are right in front of us – whether it be enemy or friend and if they do not know Jesus we must be in fervent Prayer for them..  When we are – then we will find those right moments to Share Jesus – they will come when you have that relationship with Christ in tune.. 

So are you in that Battle today – and what does it look like?

Are you in Prayer and letting Jesus take the Lead?

Are you looking for those opportunities to share what Jesus has to give – no matter who the person is?