The Extremes of God Working through us:

   Sorry about taking so long to write another Blog….    I got caught up in the busyness of life and finally came to one of those calm moments – then I have been spending allot of time in Prayer for some major decisions that need to be made.
           While I was sitting there going through my notes – I came up with a couple of quotes that I had written down several weeks ago and wanted to write something about them.
           Here is the 1st one:
                    “A Christian had to be more tolerant of some extremes when waiting confidently on the Lord to work in the Heart”. 
          I really had to think about why I wrote this down and then it hit me that I was experiencing this NOW.   There are times when God has to put us through some Extreme situations to get our Heart in line with His.   My biggest Prayer at the present time as I go forward – is that my actions and wisdom will be His.  While I have been in Prayer – it has been a very tough couple of weeks for me going through some hard situations…  and I would call them EXTREME (Just ask those around me).    I have to tell you my Heart is GOOD now and I feel that I am in His Will as I go forward.  The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was myself and then seek the wisdom of my Greatest Advisors (Thank you Jason , Chuck,  Stephen and Grant).   So remember as you go through those hard situations – it may be God getting your Heart in line with HIS.
          Here is the 2nd one:
                    “As we are fellowshipping with those around us who are getting to know God, we may encounter some uncomfortable times with them in the Process”.
          This one is a big test on how God is working through you…                           As Paul had stated:
1 Corinthians 9:19-23 >19 No man has any hold on me, but I have made myself a workman owned by all. I do this so I might lead more people to Christ. 20 I became as a Jew to the Jews so I might lead them to Christ. There are some who live by obeying the Jewish Law. I became as one who lives by obeying the Jewish Law so I might lead them to Christ. 21 There are some who live by not obeying the Jewish law. I became as one who lives by not obeying the Jewish law so I might lead them to Christ. This does not mean that I do not obey God’s Law. I obey the teachings of Christ. 22 Some are weak. I have become weak so I might lead them to Christ. I have become like every person so in every way I might lead some to Christ. 23 Everything I do, I do to get the Good News to men. I want to have a part in this work.
           When we fellowship with others – there will be times where we have to be obedient to what God is calling us to do.   When we meet people where they are – it can become extremely uncomfortable and take us way out of our Comfort Zones…   But as Paul – we must also do the same if people are going to See Jesus working through us.   WE MUST MEET PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE –   **This one can me very hard for some of us to accomplish and some of us may not be able to get to that place.   But when we do  – it is an extreme experience never forgotten.

 So where are in you in either one of these situations?

Is God at work in you to let Jesus Shine through you?

When you get there – it is AWESOME!