Billboards that share Faith:

       While on vacation in Whitefish MT. with our Friends from Oregon we came across a ½ circle filled with Ten Commandment ParkBillboards.  On these Billboards are the 10 commandments – and then there are 3 crosses – what a way to share your faith.  It is called “God’s Ten Commandments Park”…    There was a group that believed in a vision of putting the 10 commandments back into the view of the public and made their stand in Columbia Falls MT….    
          I always enjoy seeing The Boldness of people who share their faith and not going to the extreme of being offensive – this is one of those moments. 
          My personnel Prayer this year is being more Bold in sharing my Faith with those who are in Front of me.   This is a task that does not come easy for me – and I want to do it in such a way that is not offensive.  I believe that if people see that you have something different inside of you – that they will want to know what that is…   So I would want those around me to see – “Jesus in Me” – and would seek that difference in their lives. 
          One of the comments about this park by the Rancher that helped put it together is    “We have a First Amendment right to tell people about Jesus”.   And their group is doing this in a non-threating way. 

So how do we do this in our own personnel way……   I am not sure how I can but it has me thinking………..    Can I do the Same – Tell people about Jesus….