How do we keep Living the Christmas Spirit all the time?

     I was pondering on this last Christmas Blog on what I wanted to write about…  and it came to me:   “How to we keep Living the Christmas Spirit all the time?”  So I googled it……………    There were several hits – so I am sharing a few excerpts from some of the articles that came up with.
        The Christmas Spirit is the character of Christ living out in us all year long. The point of the Christian life is not self-realization, but in knowing Jesus Christ, not allowing anything to take His place in our thinking, our emotions, and the daily experiences of life.  (Dr. Richard J. Krejcir)
        The spirit of Christmas is found in remembering the life and gospel of Jesus. Reading the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus helps remind believers of the purpose in life, which is to follow the teachings of Christ and become like him, while enjoying the love of God.  (By Paul Brodie)
       How much stock do you actually put in joy, hope, love and acceptance? Or do you invest more in anxious thoughts, your mistakes and blunders? When I think of the phrase “the living Christ,” I try to think of the ways that I’m actively seeking these positive, inspiring qualities of Jesus rather than focusing on my own sense of lack and inadequacy. Sometimes as Christians, we focus so much on the redemptive message of Christianity that we often overlook—right there in the Bible and the life of Jesus—the choice to love, to celebrate, to laugh and to give ourselves completely to the moment.  (By David Morris)
            May we as the ones called to be Christ to the world keep both the Christmas spirit and the Spirit of Christ living within us.  Let us not forget to whom we belong and what we are called to do and be – at Christmas time and all through the church calendar.
 So, make a plan:
•To donate to the food bank every week.
•To visit the sick and lonely every month.
•To encourage the faint-hearted, the weak, the suffering as often as you can.
•To pray for peace every day.
•To allow Christ full reign in your life, your heart and your soul every minute.
             May the Peace of Christ dwell in you richly every day this New Year!
 (By Pastor Elaine)

So as we get ready to start a New Year – Look at ways that you can keep the Christmas Spirit going every day.

Pray that Christ will be working through you all the time>>>>> and that people will see Christ in You…