How do I respond when Jesus is present?

           Pastor Shaun is going through the book of Luke and he started it in time to do the Christmas story this month.   This last Sunday’s sermon was about Mary visiting Elizabeth when they were both going to have Babies (Jesus and John the Baptist).  What really hit me is what happens when they get together and talk about Jesus…

  1.  John the Baptist jumps for joy inside his mother and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit by being in the presence of Jesus.
  2. Mary sings a song in response to talking about Jesus.  “Magnificat”

      My thoughts were – what has it been like for me this Christmas Season when I encounter Jesus in a conversation…  You have to remember that I work at the Post Office and the Christmas Season has been intense this year. 
          One of my co-workers came up to me and wanted to share a Christmas Song – It was “Mary did you know” and this really made me smile…   I just wrote a blog about this song…  but when I reflect back on my Response – it was a Response of Joy.   This co-worker just made my day…          I need more of Nativity_Scenes018these.
          When I looked back at the Birth of Jesus – I can see Angels at work throughout His birth and this reminded me of the conversation that I am having with one of my sons.    He has been experiencing Jesus at work in his life at the present time or maybe I should say he is recognizing Jesus at work.   Then we had a conversation about the Angels that oversee what we are doing…  A great conversation – I do believe we have Angels interacting on our behalf.   My Son’s response was “Do not go faster than your Angels can fly.  If you do not have any – slow down so some else’s can catch up to you.”    This was a WOW moment for Dad.  Jesus is really at work in my son’s life right now.
           So it came back to:  How do I respond when Jesus is present?  I have to tell you that it made my day on both occasions – it was a response of Joy.   We really need to have more of these moments…

So is Jesus coming up in your conversations this Christmas Season?

How are do you Respond when Jesus is present?