Happy Holidays:

     My first question:   did it offend you to see Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas?   I have to tell you that in the past it really offended me when I would see an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas.   I would have been one of those Christians that would be leading the assault on the business to Boycott them because of Happy Holidays.
     I am so glad that I am not that person anymore…. my response to Happy Holidays is a joyous one now.   When someone tells me Happy Holidays I get this really big smile and respond with a very pleasant Merry Christmas.   This is one of the best ways to let people know that I am not taking Christ out of Christmas. 
      People are looking at how we respond:   they look at our response and it will make all the difference to how they receive the message of Jesus.   When we want to boycott Starbucks because they have a Red Cup and it does not say Merry Christmas…. what do you think they see?    Do they see Jesus in us?   This is the best time of the year to spread the good news of Jesus in a very positive way.

One of my favorite songs about this subject is from the Group “Go Fish” and it is called “Christmas with a Capital “C””.   Now the song can be offensive in some ways – but it is a fun one that I enjoy listening to.  




     I would encourage everyone to remember to pass on the Love of Jesus this Christmas and do not get so offended when you hear a greeting that you do not Like.  In a very pleasant way just respond with a Merry Christmas.  

What will be your response when you hear “Happy Holidays?

Will the people you encounter and respond to see Jesus in You?

Enjoy Christmas and spread the Good News of Jesus:

“Merry Christmas”