Christmas season:

      My grandkids were here over the weekend for Thanksgiving and we started talking about Christmas.   I asked them what they needed for Christmas and my Grandson (Jonah) paused for a second because he knew it was a loaded question.   He has a list of what he wants, but the question was what you need for Christmas.   So it came out what I was after…………    My Grandkids have been raised in a Great Home – so they knew the answer I was after.   What is Christmas all about?


           I like to write about Christmas this time of year to make sure I do not lose the Reason for the Season.  It is so easy to get caught up in all the stuff that Surrounds Christmas and it is easy to leave Jesus out of the equation.   Since I have Grand Kids I am getting better about enjoying some of the pleasures of giving Gifts.   For a period of time – I excluded gift giving during Christmas because of the distraction of trying to buy everyone Gifts.   My Grandkids are my Joy so I have come to a good Balance of giving gifts during this season (only the Grand kids get gifts).
           One of my favorite songs at the present time is “Mary Did you Know?” by Pentatonix.    This is a powerful message about not knowing what Jesus was going to bring – but he came into this world in a unique way.  Enjoy listening to the song:

      This is the perfect time to share Jesus with our Children – Grand Children – our Friends in a special way.    Take them to where Mary was and the Child that she raised to be our Savior.   What might have that looked like raising Jesus all the way to the end…..?

 This is the time of year to share special stories about Jesus.

What are you sharing with those who are surround your life?

When people see your home/work – do they see Jesus during this Christmas season?

**I have made it a goal to keep the Spirit of Jesus flowing within me during this season – even at work when it can be extremely difficult.  I do put up a manger on my window (it may get me in trouble someday – but this is my last Christmas at the USPS).   I also try to bring a little joy in a tough season at the Post Office and keep a bowl of treats available up to Jesus’s Birthday – some joy can do wonders.