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I was getting ready for the 2015 GMM Men’s Conference and I received some great advice from a friend (Choe) – you need to get into Social Media to promote the Event.   You have to understand – I am one of those seasoned guys who DOES NOT Do Social Media, but  given the great advice, I made my best attempt.     I created a Face Book Page for Front Range GMM and got started… (I had to manage it under Bob Diane Gudahl).    I was extremely nervous because of all the rumors that I heard about how bad the experience can be.    Well I found out that if you manage your site well it can be a great tool for passing on information.    “It Worked”..
Since then I have really enjoyed some of the uplifting items that come through from different people that we have befriended…   They can be uplifting and encouraging.     I would like to share a few that came through today….   Enjoy.
Dec 28th 6
This one is about encourage:
Dec 28th 5
Another one on instructions for Christians.
Dec 28th 3
A Promise that God will be with us wherever we go.
Dec 28th 2
This one was good….       Do you want to become Strange….

This was one of my favorites –  you cannot see the writing on the picture – but below are the words that was on it.

The Devil whispers, “You cannot with stand the Storm.”

The Warrior Replies,  “I AM the Storm.”

Dec 28th 1 As you can see – Face book can be a good media to connect – As in real life it all depends on how you manage it.    I have enjoyed allot of the encouragement that I am receiving from the posts that come through.   I will have to admit that there have been some stuff that I do not like…  especially cursing – at that time I push the button “Un-follow”.   I have control on what filters through – so I make it a great experience when I am looking at what is being posted.
In real life we have the same opportunity on controlling what goes by us, and we can filter out that stuff that in not encouraging.  I know there are times when the is not possible – such as in a work environment,  but even then we can choose how we respond.    I am sure that Jesus encountered the same type of people that we do at work, and our response has to be the same as His….

So what are the filters that you need to put in place in your life?

When filters are not possible – are you responding as Jesus would have?

Remember you have the control button to Manage how you respond and what you want to filter in!