What a great question to ask myself – “Do I Believe”?   My wife brought home this movie “Do you BELIEVE?” and she really needs to quit doing that.  I being one of those seasoned guys who grew up with the instructions that real men do not CRY – this movie really ruined it for me….  I lost allot of guy points because of it…
          This question was asked of a Pastor at the start of the Movie and it rocked him to his soul after watching what the guy did who asked the question.  Then it prompted him to do a sermon and challenge his congregation – it impacted several of them.   One of the major parts of the question was putting our beliefs to action and in the end it brought several different people together because of their actions.   But the one that really hit me, was the paramedic that shared his faith to a man who was dying and lost allot because of it.  
          When he went to court – his most impactful comment that I grasped was… If I am going to court because I am a Christian – I HOPE TO BE FOUND GUILTY.    So I really had to think about this one – if I had to go to court to see if I am a Christian, would I be found guilty…  Would my actions be able to convict me????   A WOW question.   At one point the paramedic had to save the Lawyer who ruined his career and she asked him why he saved her…  He stated:  that in the Bible it says to “Love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us”.   (Could I do this?)
Matthew 5:44   But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
           Also this week I finished a book from D.I. Telbat – “Called to Gobi” (a fictional book about end times, but a really enjoyable read) – A young man was sent to prison and was saved there.   He studied with a Mentor and decided to go too Mongolia to tell people about Jesus. 
          This was one more of those insights that hit me to the core of my soul:   This man had to trust in God to get him through some really tough times and push his faith to the limit.   He did struggle at times, but in the end he persevered and people came to know Jesus.  It was exciting to read about people who begged to hear more about Jesus.   So once again – are my actions getting people excited about hearing more of Jesus?
          As I am just a couple of months from retirement – a new season in life is coming.  I am having these thoughts about what am I going to do….  what will my actions look like in retirement..     I may need some help with this one…
One of the songs at the end of the movie is a favorite of mine.
          “We Believe” by the Newsboys…     Enjoy –
 So now here is the challenge:

If you were convicted of being a Christian and had to go to Court.  Would you be found Guilty?

Do you BELIEVE?  And do your Actions show it?

What do you BELIEVE in and who are you impacting?

 You will have to watch the movie and read the book to get more of an impact as I did…………….