"Relentless Pursuit"

What is “Relentless Pursuit”?   This is a great question and it is going to be answered by our Next GMM Men’s Conference.   This is our theme for 2016 and I have been thinking about what this means to me.  First of all I had to do some research on the meaning of each of these words.  When I did a Google search – these were the meanings that I was looking for:

  • Relentless:  persistent, continuing, constant, continual, continuous, nonstop, never-ending, unabating, interminable, incessant, unceasing, endless, unending, unremitting, unrelenting, unrelieved.
  • Pursuit:  striving toward, quest after/for, search for.

Then a good Pastor Friend (Pastor Stephen) had explained some meaning behind this phrase also:

  • Finishing Well
  • Called to be Influencers
  • Warriors for Christ
  • Character
  • Mission from GOD   

**These are great!!
I am retiring in the next few months, so I am really focused on what my next season of life is going to look like.   I like the phrase “Finishing Well” and I want to be able to say that I have.    The other phrases are just as powerful and they will be a major part of my life as I go into that Retirement stage.   Several years ago as I got closer to retirement – my thoughts were that  I would do the same in my ministries.  I was going to be one of those retired Christians who had did his part and needed to let the younger generation take over.
    I was wrong…………..   There is no such thing as a Retired Christian and I am just getting started.   I am looking forward to being able to expand my ministry opportunities and seeing where Christ is going to take me.   So my focus will be:

I will Finish Well – I am called to be an Influencer – I will be a Warrior for Christ – I will build my Character – God has a Mission for me…


So what does “Relentless Pursuit” mean to you?

What does it look like to you?

Make 2016 a new year of being passionate about how Christ is going to utilize you>>>>>