I went to church with my Dad this last weekend and part of the Pastors sermon was about people getting involved.   But just not getting involved in anything – but where their gifts are…. and he added a couple of warnings about when you do this.  (It was great to see Pastor Roger speaking).
      Well I have these thoughts bouncing around in my head at the present time about “Engage”…   At work we have this program of Engaged – Non Engaged – & Dis Engaged and I was thinking about:  How does that look like in our Christian community? 
           Here are the thoughts that are bouncing around inside my Head… (It does happen at times).  But I like using *Engage – *Non – Engage and *Dis Engage.

    • Engage:   These are the active Christians – it can look different in everyone, but they have that Joy that is just contagious.
    • Non – Engage:  These are the Christians that go to Church every Sunday but do not get involved in anything.  This group sometimes seems to be the largest.
    • Dis – Engage:  These are the negative Christians – the ones who are extremely harmful to the people who do “Engage”.   Have you ever been to one of those Congregational meetings and there are a couple of people who just disagree with everything.   These are the ones that when they stand up, you know the meeting is going to last for Hours.

       So that brings me back to what does “Engage” look like:   So I as I stated above it look’s different in everyone.

  1. It can be that person at church who is there every Sunday making Coffee.
  2. Teaching a Sunday school class.
  3. How about the person who is sharing Jesus with anyone who is in front of them.
  4. The one who is blessing people – buying Dinner anonymously for someone – a Gift – a Word of encouragement.
  5. Doing Ministry work inside the Church or outside the Church.

****The list can go on….. –  so please keep it going.
 So my question to you is:

Which of the 3 are you from the list above – I would hope “Engage”?

Do you know your gifts and are you plugging them into a Work for Jesus?

Engage Today!