Follow up message from Mike Z – "True Identity"

Here is a note from Mike Z on the impact of the GMM Conference “True Identity”   —   Thank You Mike.

Amen Brandon,
      Ever since coming back into a relationship with God in 2001 I have had the vision for ministry. Not just your average run of the mill kind of ministry but one that will impact the world and reveal the Glory of our Heavenly Father and the full power of His love. I have tried to express this desire many times to many people and all those many times the response has been the same: “Wait upon the Lord and if you are truly called then it will happen according to His timing.”
      So I have been waiting and doing everything I can to practice patience. I have done things to prepare myself for the day when God will make it happen for me. I have returned to school to obtain the credibility that goes with a recognized degree. I have studied the word and have practiced living it. I pray and seek God and lay everything at His feet. I love and trust Him to see me through every trial. I have proclaimed His glory in six major surgeries in less than two years. I have experienced His healing touch time and time again and I will shout the victory until I reach Heaven. I have plenty of ammunition to get the job done but I haven’t seen the miraculous door opening that would be the sign from God that I have been looking for in order to stop waiting and move.
      Saturday was a game changer. Erwin’s words screamed confirmation of what God has been telling me all along. I and many others like me have been waiting on God to do something when the truth of the matter is that He already has. He created us for just such a moment as this. This is our time and unfortunately time is very very short. We don’t have the luxury of waiting any longer. If we are truly wanting to assist in the building of God’s kingdom then we must start right now. We must come with want God has given us to begin with and know that He will guide our efforts and teach us what more we need to know as we go. We can’t let our fears and the fears of others stop us from doing what we need to do.
      As God’s Mighty Men we must set the pace for others to follow and encourage them to do so. We must never take our eyes off the prize or forget the One who gives us the power to do anything and everything necessary. Before coming back into God’s embrace I lived by the word’s: “God gave me the brains and the ability to live life and it was up to me to use what He gave me.” Although my thinking was correct I chose to ignore the fact that all that God has given me was meant to do His will and accomplish things for His glory. I spent my entire lifetime pursuing worldly achievements that hold no value in God’s eyes, nor did they give me any real lasting joy in having obtained them. I now want to do nothing but serve Him and in order to serve Him best I must be willing to serve others.
       I want you and the rest of my brothers to know that I am here for whatever amount of time God will allow, ready to do whatever is asked of me to spread the good news and share what God has done in my life. I know that God will take my offering and multiply it to feed the multitude as He desires. God bless you Brandon. You have been a great friend and brother. Congratulations on your new assignment as a Recruiter and may God keep and protect your family in His loving arms.
Mike Z