Value of a Soul!

      I had a good weekend and slept a little late on Sunday – but what is really great is that my Church does it live on TV (well when I hook my computer to the TV – then it is live on TV).   So my wife and I were able to enjoy the church service from home (Thank You Calvary).  
     This week several Church’s showed the Film from “My Hope” with Billy Graham and his son Franklin put it together.   It was a powerful message on 3 lives that were caught up with Life and needed to be directed towards Jesus to Live Life to its fullest. 
          It is a must watch:
      Then yesterday I watched a Sermon from John Bevere (another powerful speaker) on Good or God.         It made me put both messages together on the topic of what is the “Value of a Soul”.
John’s Scripture came from:

2 Timothy 3: 16. All the Holy Writings are God-given and are made alive by Him. Man is helped when he is taught God’s Word. It shows what is wrong. It changes the way of a man’s life. It shows him how to be right with God.  17. It gives the man who belongs to God everything he needs to work well for Him.

    The part of the message that I had to really think about was when we encounter the people around us:  are we always encouraging them or are we sharing with them the way of God’s Word.   So many times we have become politically correct when we encounter those around us that we may actually be doing them harm.   John shared the story of Adam and Eve – He explained that Eve did not look at the evil side of the Tree, but the Good side of the Tree.   As you know the rest of the story – the Good side of tree did the most harm to us – we need truth, but obedience is a must if we are going to have Value. 
       So as I pondered this:   I must say that I really need to rethink how I encourage the people around me.   Am I doing it in a way that will give them Value, because their souls are important and they need Jesus?  Sometimes my Good can harm those around me if it is not accompanied with the Truth about the teachings of Jesus.  We must Love those around us in such a way that we “Value their Soul” and are willing to help them see how important they are to Jesus.   Sometimes this means that we will have to share with them some hard changes that are required to be obedient to Jesus.  (Am I willing to do this and do it in such a way that they see Value and Love – not criticism?) This can be really hard to do.
      You will have to listen to the message from John to get the whole impact of his message on “Good or God” – but it will make you think about what is happening in our Church’s today.

 So what is the message that you share with those who surround you?

Is it a message of Good along with a message of Love and Truth?

What is the “Value of a Soul” of those you encounter?