Child of the 1 TRUE KING – Part II

Now that we have established my sin, let resend to when God really started to make it clear he wanted me to deal with it on His terms and not on my own. I had just switched churches and though I knew quit a few people I just wanted to be that fly on the wall. You know the type, go in sit in the far back closest to the door, worship hear the message (yeah right) then leave and no one will know I even exist, it’s worked before – stick with what works, right. Well God had other plans, as I was doing my thing I was blindsided where as I was really starting to enjoy this new church, need to admit God will always have His way with me even when I try to resist. So plan A failed, go to plan B DO NOT GET INVOLVED, that will mean you have to let down your guard. So as the summer hit they start to announce we need help in ministries, rats caught again this has always been my weakness, serving. So now plan A gone B gone sorry I’m not that smart to have a plan C. Never got this far. So I just went with it – serving and enjoying all aspects of service, but no one knows the true me.
Winter 2013 New series called Hurts, Habits & Hang-ups, it dealt with all the garbage we deal with in life that we never want to deal with – must be honest this was the longest 8 weeks I ever sat through. That was the start of the Lord using His plan on me. Well that was nice but don’t think I’m changing anything.
Now that that was over I can still be me, right, wrong 2 months after the above mentioned series I am approached to help out with new Ministry called Celebrate Recovery, remember can’t say NO to serving. No big deal I can clean up after everyone. That’s what I said to self. Back track what is Celebrate Recovery well we all have heard of AA, on the same lines but with a huge twist where as AA does a good job helping people recover, CR adds the element of a Christ based recovery program.
So there I was learning not paying much attention and starting to feel very uneasy this night. Well good worship nice message (in my head I was like Time to get out of here), so we leave the sanctuary to break in to small groups men with men women with women. I am like now what do I do this is not for me, but I can leave cause I promised to help clean up, so we are sitting around the tables telling everyone are hurt, habit or hang-up and it’s coming around to me I am saying to myself what in the world have I gotten myself into. I then realize it’s not me but God had this all planned out over a year ago.
End Part ll  –   More to come