Child of the 1 TRUE KING

It all started back in October of 2012, when we as a board were trying to come up with a theme for the conference, well I got word that some people wanted to hit some very touchy subjects, you know the ones which are never discussed and certainly not in any type of a church setting. I started calling other members of the board to protest my thoughts, after talking to a few I was reminded it was just a thought and we will not be discussing these matters. Good, I said to myself and anyone who would listen. Three months later we are sitting having another meeting next thing I know we are voting on the same subject we said no to in October. Now my reaction was what the heck is going on. We don’t talk about pornography in a public setting and not at our conference.
Well, I started praying for this conference and the subject matter, not happy at all. God reminded me that it is not about Me, but for His Glory. OK, I can live with it. Awesome 3rd Day Concert I am all pumped for Saturday.
Day of the conference rolls around and I am feeling great new venue new worship team all new beginnings. Then GOD again reminds me Why are you here doing My work, you pray for Me to show up and you don’t want to deal with your own problems. This is at 5 in the morning, 3 hours before the doors open, too late to call and not show up people are counting on me to be there and do whatever it takes to get done.
Get to the Civic Center start to set up again nobody really knows me and my sins – just me and God when I let Him in plus I never told anyone about my one sided talk with God so no one will ever know (until now).
Conference kicks off everything is going great I am staying busy making sure to stay away from the main speakers (keep on hiding no one knows). Then all of a sudden I am asked to help set up the stage for the round table talk, who me I surely can find some else – anyone else but me.
Let say this you may have guessed it but this guy has a porn problem and the last thing I wanted is to have this subject brought up in a Christian setting, NO Lord anything but this, again who am I to tell God what to do.
End of part 1 – More to come………