Happy Happy Happy

I really enjoy watching Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson just wrote a book called Happy Happy Happy.   The Robertson’s have become come extremely popular recently and I do not believe it is because of their show – which will make you smile.  This family has been talking to anyone they can about their relationship with Christ and at times when the Network will allow them – you will hear about it on the show.  But Phil’s book about being Happy is what I would like to comment on in this Blog.  How many of us Really enjoy Jesus and our Relationship with him.  If we had the Relationship with Christ as would should then we would be Happy Happy Happy.
My Pastor Bob is retiring and I went to our Men’s retreat to hear him for his final chapter of speaking as an Official Pastor.  One of the Topics was ‘Glorifying God and Enjoying him forever” – (Great message) – Now How do we enjoy Jesus?  As Bob was talking about – Glorifying God is the way to Happiness in Jesus Christ.
As the saying Goes – “Do they see Jesus in Us?”  –  If they did they would see a Happy Person.   As I was pondering this – How do we do that in our daily lives?
Family:  As Christ would do – we would be a servant and love our family as Christ Loved the Church.  One of my best days is when I can do stuff for my Family that will help them accomplish their Happiness.  As Bob Stated – Humility is one of the Greatest things we can do to Glorify Christ.
Church:  This is an Area where we can look at utilizing our Gifts that God has given us –  we need to be looking at areas where we can make things better and enhance others relationships with Christ.   Going back to serving…… **Remember our Greatest Commandment is to Love our God with all our Heart – and this should show in the Church.
Work:  As in some of my Previous Blogs – this is a hard area for me at the Present time – but it is one of the most important areas of Evangelism.  People should see the Happiness in me and want to know how they can get this.  It comes back to “Do they see Jesus in Me?” –  They must if we are to be effective in what Christ would have us do at work.  You know a Great day at work is when I can tell someone about Christ Love…..
**One of the key factors of enjoying Christ and being Happy in our Relationship with him is Obedience.  When we work at pleasing Christ and start enjoying his rewards then we become “Happy Happy Happy”.
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Luke 10:27  –   27 He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’[a]; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b]