WWJD – or What did Jesus Say!

I read this article in this morning’s News Paper and the Topic was “Consider: What did Jesus Say?” – So I started reading it. In the first paragraph the author commented on people having problems with Work – Spouses – Everyday problems and they would murmur WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) – then she stated that this does not work for her.   This is normally the time that I go onto the next Article – this has to be one of those Liberal Articles that is going to Bash Christianity.   But I kept reading.
The Article was excellent – it actually hit home with what I am dealing with at work…    The WWJD has been a tough topic for me at the Work Place – I am always looking at myself in Mirror and wondering do they see Jesus in me – even in spite of my difficulties at work.   Well the Article went on to Say that Jesus probably did not have one of those Radical People to work with or for – so most of the time we would answer “I Do not know what Jesus would do?”  Then at that point we would be put some extremely high expectations on ourselves that we could not achieve.
Here comes the better question:  “What did Jesus say?”  –  The answers are there and we may not like what he has instructed us to do.  In my case at work (which the article addressed) – Jesus has stated to Love your Neighbor as your Self – Well I am OK with that – my co-worker is not my Neighbor…   Then she went on to explain in the Article about the Good Samaritan – Our Neighbor is the Person in Front of us.         OK – I am ready to go onto the next Article in the newspaper……  The meat of the Article was right on – we do need to seek what Jesus has said and apply it to our daily walk.   I will now have to go to work on Monday with a whole new perspective on my situation with my co-worker and it will be tuff – but Obedience is required on my part if I am going to have an extreme relationship with Jesus.
The last paragraph of the Article summed it up greatly:  “In Short, Jesus put his own works into Practice.  He walked the talk – and that’s what we should do.”
        So the next time the question comes up “What Would Jesus Do?”   ask the Better Question:   “What did Jesus Say?”  and go forward in Obedience to what you have learned.
If you would like a copy of the Article you can email me and I will send you a copy 🙂 –  rogudahl@wyoming.com