GMM Action!!

GMM (Gods Mighty Men) in Action – what does that actually mean – well let’s talk about it.   Pastor Shawn yesterday was talking about Jesus having compassion for the people and that required Action – not just a feeling.   This will be our fifth year for GMM and I was thinking about the Themes God has given us for each conference and they all require Action – you must be going forward.  GMM has always taught that we must being going forward in what Christ would have us do.
1st Year:  “How Big is Your God” –  One of the talks that year was about Jonathan and his Armor Bearer and the Action he had taken in trusting in God.   Jonathan had taken Action knowing that he had a really Big God and he was not going to stay under a tree with Saul.  So he went forward and defeated the enemy – we must do the same – even if it means going forward a little recklessly (there is a song about this).  We have a Really Big God…
2nd Year:   “Alive in Christ” – One of the main areas I looked at when this theme came out is – “Do they see Jesus in me?”…   Recently I have tweaked that into “What did Jesus Say”.   when you read the word and look at what Jesus said and did – He took Action…   If we are to be Christ like – we cannot just sit there and look good – we must demonstrate what Good is…
3rd Year:  “Driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit” –   The word Driven is Action in its self and requires that we do what the Spirit is prompting us to do.   Being in tune with the Spirit takes allot of practice and requires Obedience and there is no other way.
4th Year:  “Activate Your Faith” – I really enjoyed this year’s Theme….  It looks different for everyone.  When I try to explain what that means to me this year – I like to use the example of when the Spirit Prompts you to do something – take Action and do it.   Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Choe – He has been prompted to bring in Christian Artists to Cheyenne to Help Christians in their Relationship with Christ.   Awesome Ministry and you will start to see a few more Christian Artists coming here because of his Passion.  **Reminder:  Matthew West and others are coming October 8th – Buy your tickets now.
5th Year:   “Radical Truth and Grace” – This will be our Theme for Next Year (2014).  This is another one that will have a different take for everyone.  When I look at this – I think of Christ all the way…   One of the Best examples I like to give is when Christ is coming up to a group of people who are about to Stone a Sinner and his response is…  To the one who has no sin – cast the first stone.  No one did…..    Christ did not come to condemn us to an eternal Death – but to love us and forgive us…   but there is Action on our part to receive this.
So today as you go Forward – Take Action and see what Christ is telling you to do and “DO IT”.