Wilderness time

In my travels lately I get to enjoy some really great worship times and recently a song from MercyMe has really been doing some talking.  Please read these Lyrics below – they are Awesome….



I’ve been the one to shake with fear – And wonder if You’re even here – I’ve been the one to doubt Your love – I’ve told myself You’re not enough -I’ve been the one to try and say -I’ll overcome by my own strength – I’ve been the one to fall apart -And to start to question who You are.  I’ve been the one held down in chains – Beneath the weight of all my shame – I’ve been the one to believe – That where I am “You cannot reach”. 
The veil is torn -And now I live with the Spirit inside -The same one, the very same one – who brought the Son back to life – Hallelujah, He lives in me…
***You’re the one who conquers giants -You’re the one who calls out kings – You shut the mouths of lions – You tell the dead to breathe – You’re the one who walks through fire – You take the orphan’s hand – You are the one Messiah – You are I am -You are I am.

            You know that we as guys seem to think we can do it on our own and end up getting so far into trouble that we cannot see anyway of coming out of the hole that we have dug.   We always forget to call on the one that can help…   I believe that we need to find what I call “Wilderness Time”.  Christ would go out into the wilderness and spend time with his Father in deep prayer and we need to do the same.        
            I get allot of Wilderness Time during my drives around Wyoming for work –  but when I get to a point as the song above states – that is when I run to the Mountains.   I will take the dog and we will go up to Pole Mountain and just take a long hike and talk with Jesus (even talk out loud at times).    The times when I am having some serious Issues with someone or something – I will build an Alter for this in a remote area.   This is a reminder for me as to where I have left the problem – at the feet of Jesus and it is no longer mine.  A Friend of mine (Jay) asked me one time – Does this Really work?   The answer is Yes…
      Your Wilderness Time may look allot different then mine – *A Motorcycle Ride – Running – A long Drive – A closet……..  But you need to see where it is that you can go and pray fervently.    When you start doing this – you will feel the Spirit that lives in you and you will start tapping into its strength allot sooner.
  Bobby G