What do I need to do??????

Submitted by: Tom Carpenter.
Have you seen the news lately? Local, Regional, National or International?
Does it seem like things are in a turmoil? It sure does to me.
We are told in the bible from Jesus himself and the apostles that despite having faith in God, we will still experience strive and temptation that could cause us to waiver in our faith. But at the same time, we are to focus and count it all joy and know everything works toward God’s divine will.
That said, a few news items really stick out. The disappearance of regular church goers and/or people that identify with any one certain faith. Instead, there is often the generic, “I believe in God and am a spiritual person,” holding fast to the ambiguity of not committing to any one church, pastor, body or belief. Then there’s the church jumpers that not only go from church to church but also from faith to faith, again, making sure to not adhere to any certain doctrine lest they feel trapped. Lastly, of course, is those that want to appear as above all other humans when they either say, “I think ALL of the world’s religious have merit,” or “How could I believe in a God that would allow such suffering to go on?” so don’t believe at all.
Next item, the on-going attack, literally, on Christianity. You’ve certainly heard the stories of groups trying to marginalize or out-and-out shut down any recognition of God despite our great nation’s founding on Judeo-Christian ethics. I am not sure of the current score, but in faith I know who is going to win this one. It’s just the trials we will have to endure until that victory that should keep us on our knees.
Lastly, the insidious encroachment of the progressive movement. If anyone voices opposition to gay marriage, living together outside of marriage, abortion, drug legalization, expansion of porn availability as they minimize the family unit and particularly minimizing MEN, then that opposition is cast as against civil rights, as far out radicals who only hate and so need to be silenced and ignored.
Look no further than how men are portrayed in the media. They are often shown as inept, out-of-touch cartoons instead of the spiritual leader of their homes.
So, here we are. Now you can just take the rest of this as me preaching to myself if you want. Because I, for one, really need it!!!
What I need to do is turn-off the T.V., the computer and limit the amount of news I absorb. I am the gate keeper of my eyes and ears. I can control what goes into my mind. I have been very down on the world here of late and a lot of it is because of the news. Next, get into my bible and get down on my knees in prayer. And these prayers need to be positive, uplifting prayers for all the leaders of the world, both just and unjust, as well as all the people of the world, even those that would do everything in their power to silence me and take God out of every facet of my life.
Lastly, I must go touch some people. I will be the first to admit I am a bit judgmental. There are certain attitudes and appearances people display that make me instantly cringe and want to avoid. This is WRONG! Through prayer I can (by HIS power with the guidance of the Holy Spirit) overcome this. At the same time though, realize that God has given me certain abilities with certain groups of people, i.e.
my circle of influence which often starts on the inside of my front door at home.
I don’t know if we are all in the last daze (sic) or not. But why take the chance? Why not man-up, pray-up, WORSHIP and PRAISE up and know if in fact we are at the end of days, that we are ready?
Also, we need to support each other, deeply! Course joking, trying to be of-the-world and  kingdom minded at the same time doesn’t work, and meaningless banter just reduces my effectiveness and wastes time. Again, preaching to myself. For I, T-Carp (Tom Carpenter), of myself do not possess enough righteousness to polish any of you gentlemen’s shoes, much less give advice. BUT, the one that is in me, the one true God, through his Son, Jesus Christ together with the guidance of the Holy
Spirit, makes me worthy. Brotherly love to all!