Who is going to be the next President?

Great question…..     My wife enjoys watching the presidential debates – so I try to enjoy them with her – all I can say is “Holy Cow”.   There are so many candidates to pick from and it is hard to come up with who would be the best one.   I do believe that it is very important to Vote and to vote knowing about the person you cast your vote for.   So it does take time to do that. 
            I am very careful on where I get my information from:  Several years ago I would listen to the Radio Talk hosts, but my fourth son (Steve N.) had a great observation on when you do that.   When you listen to them – you seem to take on their personality of how they look at the opponents and then you become just as negative and angry as they do.  So no more talk host for me – I got caught up in that and it is not a good place to be.   
**Most of the candidates have Web Sites and that is probably the most informational area you can go to for research on them in a non-bias way. 
             I have been having some great conversations with my second son (Mike G) about the president and he keeps me grounded.   His comment has been that God is going to use whoever the current president is to accomplish His Will.   This weekend he reminded me of what the Bible says about our leaders from Romans.

Romans 13: 1>5 –    Every person must obey the leaders of the land. There is no power given but from God, and all leaders are allowed by God.     The person who does not obey the leaders of the land is working against what God has done. Anyone who does that will be punished.   Those who do right do not have to be afraid of the leaders. Those who do wrong are afraid of them. Do you want to be free from fear of them? Then do what is right. You will be respected instead.    Leaders are God’s servants to help you. If you do wrong, you should be afraid. They have the power to punish you. They work for God. They do what God wants done to those who do wrong.  You must obey the leaders of the land, not only to keep from God’s anger, but so your own heart will have peace.

             So I have really evolved from my days of being extremely political to accepting who God has as our Leader.    The one thing that I must remember is that I should be praying for all of our Leaders that God will be working through.   I know that there will always be Leaders who will go against my beliefs, but they still need my prayers.  I have learned that those leaders are the ones that seem to make me more grounded in my faith – so I must thank them for that. 
             So as you go forward in 2016 and get ready for the Election Process please keep in mind to:

Do your research on who you will be voting for.

Always be praying for our leaders.

Remember God is in Control and will use our leaders for his Good.