Holy Spirit Powered:

Pastor Shaun was in the 4th chapter of Luke this week and there was a part about a Demon possessed man interrupting Jesus as he was teaching.

Luke 4: 33-35:  33.   A man in the Jewish place of worship had a demon. He cried with a loud voice,   34.   “What do You want of us, Jesus of Nazareth? I know Who You are. You are the Holy One of God.”  35. Jesus spoke sharp words to the demon and said, “Do not talk! Come out of him!” When the demon had thrown the man down, he came out without hurting the man.

     I have a study Bible and I really enjoyed the section about verse 33:  “It is naïve to think that we will be sheltered from evil in the church.  Satan is happy to invade our presence wherever and whenever he can.  But Jesus authority is much greater than Satan’s: and where Jesus is present, demons cannot stay for long.”
          This scripture had me looking all around to see where the Enemy may be at the present time in my life.  I do have to say that when I looked around in my Church – I could not identify him there trying to miss guide me.  But as I look around at the people in my daily life – I can tell you that a few of them must be Demon Possessed.   There are a couple of people that really stretch me in my Christian Walk and they try to get me to slip up.   They do accomplish this at times, but I know there is power in me that can bring me back.  This verse really helps:

1 John 4:  My children, you are a part of God’s family. You have stood against these false preachers and had power over them. You had power over them because the One Who lives in you is stronger than the one who is in the world.

**It is great to know that no Demon can possess me because of the Power that is in me (The Holy Spirit) and it is greater than anything the Enemy can throw my way.    
    I really have to smile when I do identify the people in my life who are able to get me to stumble and then I look to see if they are really Demon Possessed.   I cannot verify if they really are, but I do know that I have to take better control of my situations when I allow myself to be shaken because of them.  (There are a couple at work that I believe must be Demon Possessed).
      The Church is going to show the movie “War Room” this Friday and it has a powerful message on how to Battle the Enemy.   If you have not seen it yet – please watch it and create yourself a “War Room”.

 Now:          Do you have any of those people in your life that may be Demon Possessed?

Do they get you to stumble?

Are you utilizing the Power that is within you to overcome those circumstances that throw you off your walk with Jesus?

Remember you have the Power that lives in you that is stronger than anything the Enemy can throw at you!Holy Spirit power